Server Rules outside of Meetings

Rules for the server outside of meetings.
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Server Rules outside of Meetings

Postby Jon#606 » Tue 19 Apr 2016, 8:14 pm

The rules for the server outside of meetings are as follows:

1. Wrong way driving is only allowed on the bends.

2. Lossy hits (hits side on with the barrier resulting in a driver being lifted over them) and hits from the infield are not allowed.

3. Passengers are not allowed in cars at any time.

4. You must go forward at the start of a race. Any intentional braking on grid or reversing off grid is not allowed.

The non-meeting disciplinary procedure is as follows:

Break the rules once = warning
Break the rules twice = kick
Break the rules three times = 12 hour ban

Any abuse of admins by drivers who receive a warning will result in an automatic 12 hour ban.

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