2018 Season - Fixtures Discussion & Rule Changes

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2018 Season - Fixtures Discussion & Rule Changes

Postby Jon#606 » Thu 30 Nov 2017, 10:33 pm

If you have any queries about the below changes for 2018, please reply and the admin team will get to them as quickly as possible.

In an attempt to regain the lost drivers of 2017, many changes have been made for the 2018 season.

The main fixture changes are listed below:

1. The Figure 8 and Banger World Series championships have been discontinued
This was a hard decision to make but it was needed. Both the Figure 8 and Banger World Series championships have been discontinued as they were unnecessary; the former still didn't work even after it was reverted to the 2 Litres, and the latter was unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. Special roof grades won by drivers in this year's F8 & BWS championships can be worn in the respective formulas.

2. New "open" meetings have been added to the calendar
Originally scheduled for April but now starting in May, the final meeting of each month will be a special "open" meeting: this will be a combination of some of LFS Bangers' classic races with some more "unconventional" things alongside an open non-password server, allowing newcomers to sample just what the league's about without the pressure of points or serious competition.

3. The Robin World Final has been dropped for 2018
Although the XFG Robins are popular, the Robin World Final wasn't particularly worthwhile because it wasn't that good a race. Consequently, it has been taken off the calendar for this year.

4. Micro Bangers have received an increase in meetings
To compensate for the discontinuation of the above series, the Micro Bangers have had a minor increase in meetings from 3 qualifiers to 5. This has meant that Micro and Unlimited Bangers combined have the same number of points meetings as the 2 Litres do, which is a fair balance in my view.

5. King's Lynn debuts in the league, with Westhill, South City and Fern Bay Ovals returning to the calendar as venues, while Buxton has left
The ever-popular Norfolk shale oval has been recreated in the game by Miniman, and has been chosen to host the 2 Litre Icebreaker in February for its debut LFS Bangers meeting. After having been absent for a few years, the Westhill Oval on the car park returns with two scheduled meetings: the first Grades World Qualifier in May and the Unlimited Best Buds in August. Also returning is the seldom used South City Oval for the first Micro Bangers meeting in March, and re-appearing on the calendar after a 2 year absence is the ever popular Fern Bay Oval for Unlimited Round 3 in the same month.

As a result of these changes, Buxton has been dropped as a LFS Bangers venue. While High Edge was not a bad track, its inside kerbs never proved popular with drivers and there's just no place for it as an official meeting venue; however, this does not rule out the track from being used on fun nights.

The main rule changes are listed below:

1. All points championships will be graded
This decision has been taken to reward drivers for performing well in all points championships, regardless of the cars used. All grades systems will be based on 6 heats a meeting and will follow the 2 Litre grade boundaries.

2. Only the top 10 drivers will qualify automatically for championship grids (unless specified otherwise)
This has been changed from top 20 due to the complete pointlessness it has caused: by "locking in" the top 20 drivers, there has been no need for a properly competitive Last Chance Qualifier race, resulting in such silly things as "lap testing" to determine qualifiers. Combine that with a low driver base this year and it's not difficult to tell how redundant LCQs have become. Therefore, only the top 10 drivers on each point chart will automatically get onto the respective championship grid, with the rest fighting through the LCQ to make it.

3. The British Championship grid will be the top 6 plus the winner of each regional qualifier
This is the otherwise from above. As you may have noticed, the British qualifiers have been slightly reclassified to be championships based on their track's country, with the Blackwood environment appropriately sharing its name with a Welsh town. The final of each qualifier will be a British Championship wildcard and will make up positions 7 to 10 on the BC grid. In the event one driver wins multiple wildcards, the spot will go to the next driver in the results of the respective final. Likewise, if a wildcard winner makes it into the top 6 on points, their wildcard will go to the next highest scorer who hasn't qualified automatically.

I would also like to announce that a fourth admin has joined the LFS Bangers team. In light of his excellent promotion of the LFS Bangers reunion meeting, 786 Brett has been invited to join the team. All at LFS Bangers hope Brett's promotion expertise can help revive the league after a particularly barren year in 2017.

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Re: 2018 Season - Fixtures Discussion & Rule Changes

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 14 Sep 2018, 10:42 pm

Following the announcement earlier tonight by Pepino that he is to retire from LFS Bangers after next week's meeting, there has been a slight alteration in the calendar:

21st September will now be the September Fun Meet and it will be the Pepino retirement meeting with a Team Bandicoot v West Country Wreckers head-to-head.

28th September will now be 2 Litres Grades Round 9 (European Qualifier 1) from Emmen.

The rest of the calendar remains unchanged, although the November Fun Meet will be organised by Brett.

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Re: 2018 Season - Fixtures Discussion & Rule Changes

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 02 Nov 2018, 11:59 pm

Just an announcement to make regarding the last three meetings of November which have had to be switched around.

I will unfortunately be unable to present the 16th November meeting for personal reasons. As a result, I have decided to move the following meetings:

16th November: Grades Round 11 (EC Qualifier 3)
23rd November: MIcro Bangers World Final
30th November: November Fun Meet

to the following:

16th November: November Fun Meet (to be ran by Brett)
23rd November: Grades Round 11 (EC Qualifier 3)
30th November: Micro Bangers World Final

I hope this does not affect any drivers wanting to take part in these meetings on the original dates, but this has been decided a few weeks in advance so you are all aware.

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