2020 Mini-Season Calendar Announcement

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2020 Mini-Season Calendar Announcement

Postby Jon#606 » Wed 01 Apr 2020, 12:01 pm


Following requests from a number of drivers, and in accordance with government guidelines about the duration of lockdown measures, a six-month calendar of meetings has been organised. Meetings after September 2020 (if a "lockdown" remains in force) will be decided at the time.

As was the case last season, points won in the 12 points meetings (4 for each formula) will go to a points table for each formula, with these tables determining the grid for the Corona Championship at the end of the season. The top 10 in each race will score points, with the final doubled and the DD winner getting 5 points; in the event of a drawn DD after 30 minutes, points will be allocated based on the number of drivers remaining. Grades will be determined after the first meeting.

Points meetings will not require bookings; however, driver registration is still required for these meetings, and can be completed at viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6. Please also read the rules of racing at viewtopic.php?f=9&p=48#p48 before competing.

Bookings are required for any meetings with asterisks ( * ). Fun meetings, marked with a hash ( # ), do not require driver registration.

Results will be posted both on the LFS Bangers Facebook page and on the forum in the Off Topic section.

The first meeting will be this coming Friday 3rd April at 8:00pm BST (9:00pm CEST). It will be the first points round, which will determine the initial grades, using the iconic combination of the 2 Litres and the Blackwood Car Park Oval.

Given the reasoning for these meetings coming back, please could all drivers to behave sensibly during these meetings; any silly warring and arguing will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the meeting if you persist. None of us want any additional stress in these troubling times.

Thank you,

The LFS Bangers Admin Team

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Micros = UF1
2 Litres = XFG & XRG
Unlimited = FXO, RB4 & XRT

03/04/2020: Points Round 1 (2 Litres, Blackwood Car Park)
* 10/04/2020: WORLD CUP (Unlimited, Cowdenbeath) *
17/04/2020: Points Round 2 (Micros, Aldershot)
# 24/04/2020: Fun Meeting (Various; Open Server) #

01/05/2020: Points Round 3 (Unlimited, Ringwood)
* 08/05/2020: ROBINS CHAMPIONSHIP (2 Litre "Robins", Warton) *
15/05/2020: Points Round 4 (2 Litres, Swaffham)
* 22/05/2020: MICRO BEST BUDS (Micro Pairs, Crimond) *
# 29/05/2020: Fun Meeting (Various; Open Server) #

05/06/2020: Points Round 5 (2 Litres, Ter Apel)
* 12/06/2020: UNLIMITED BATTLE OF BRITAIN (Unlimited Teams, King's Lynn) *
19/06/2020: Points Round 6 (Unlimited, Ipswich)
# 26/06/2020: Fun Meeting (Various; Open Server) #

03/07/2020: Points Round 7 (Micros, Taunton)
* 10/07/2020: 2 LITRES BATTLE OF BRITAIN (2 Litre Teams, Yarmouth) *
17/07/2020: Points Round 8 (Unlimited, Arena Essex)
* 24/07/2020: 2 LITRES BEST BUDS (2 Litres, Birmingham) *
# 31/07/2020: Fun Meeting (Various; Open Server) #

07/08/2020: Points Round 9 (Micros, Westhill Oval)
* 14/08/2020: UNLIMITED BEST BUDS (Unlimited Pairs, Warneton) *
21/08/2020: Points Round 10 (2 Litres, Emmen)
# 28/08/2020: Figure 8 Fun Meeting (Various Figure 8 Layouts; Open Server) #

04/09/2020: Points Round 11 (Unlimited, Hednesford)
* 11/09/2020: CORONA CRASH KINGS (2 Litres, Autocross Arena Oval) *
18/09/2020: Points Round 12 (Micros, Gizmo's Stadium)
* 25/09/2020: CORONA CHAMPIONSHIP (Wimbledon) *

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