2018 2 Litre Icebreaker Results

The eleventh and fourth complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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2018 2 Litre Icebreaker Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 02 Feb 2018, 11:41 pm

The 2018 edition of the "junior" Icebreaker featuring the 2 Litres saw the introduction of Miniman's King's Lynn layout into the league. While the lack of shale surface in LFS made the version a lot smoother than its real-life counterpart, it still provided the big hitting action the Norfolk circuit is renowned for, as well as some fascinating racing. 14 drivers competed across 4 teams, and they were as follows:

606 Jon
27 Cap

786 Brett
870 Looney
200 Young
136 Ade

997 Rik
669 DarkMetalTim
961 Pepino
66 Colin

616 Jam
47 Michal
005 Stealy
217 Tilson

Eternal team attenders Riot Squad were the reigning champions, so it was no surprise to see them turn up once again to try and add to the Unlimited title last week.

The smaller cars' Icebreaker managed to outdo the bigger cars by taking the meeting to the final race of the night...

Top 5 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. Drivers in italics finished but did not score points. 5 points went to the winning team in the DD.

RS = Riot Squad
WC = West Country Wreckers
TB = Team Bandicoot
PM = PiranMoto

Heat 1: WC200 Young, PM47 Michal, RS27 Cap, TB997 Rik, TB66 Colin, TB961 Pepino, RS606 Jon, WC136 Ade, PM616 Jam, WC786 Brett, WC870 Looney
Heat 2: WC200 Young, TB997 Rik, TB961 Pepino, PM616 Jam, RS27 Cap, WC786 Brett, PM005 Stealy, TB66 Colin, PM47 Michal, RS606 Jon, PM217 Tilson, WC870 Looney, WC136 Ade
Heat 3: TB997 Rik, WC200 Young, PM47 Michal, RS27 Cap, TB66 Colin, PM616 Jam, WC786 Brett, RS606, TB669 Mr. Perfect Jr., WC870 Looney
Heat 4: WC136 Ade, WC200 Young, TB997 Rik, PM47 Michal, RS606 Jon, RS27 Cap, PM616 Jam, PM005 Stealy, TB961 Pepino, TB66 Colin, PM217 TIlson, WC870 Looney, WC786 Brett
Heat 5: WC200 Young, TB997 Rik, WC870 Looney, TB961 Pepino, RS27 Cap,PM217 Tilson, WC786 Brett, WC136 Ade, PM616 Jam, TB669 Mr. Perfect Jr.
Heat 6: TB997 Rik, WC200 Young, TB961 Pepino, RS27 Cap, RS606 Jon, PM616 Jam, TB66 Colin, PM47 Michal, WC786 Brett, WC870 Looney, TB669 Mr. Perfect Jr.
Heat 7: WC136 Ade, TB961 Pepino, RS606 Jon, RS27 Cap, WC786 Brett, PM217 Tilson, PM005 Stealy, PM616 Jam, TB66 Colin, PM47 Michal, TB997, TB669 Mr. Perfect Jr., WC870 Looney, WC200 Young
Heat 8: TB997 Rik, WC200 Young, PM616 Jam, RS27 Cap, WC870 Looney, TB961 Pepino, TB66 Colin, PM005 Stealy, WC786 Brett, PM47 Michal

Final: TB66 Colin, WC200 Young, TB997 Rik, WC136 Ade, RS27 Cap, WC86 Brett, RS606 Jon, PM616 Jam, TB961 Pepino, PM47 Michal, PM005 Stealy, WC870 Looney

Allcomers 1 (Chicane Race): WC200 Young, TB997 Rik, WC786 Brett, TB961 Pepino, RS27 Cap, WC136 Ade, PM47 Michal, RS606 Jon
Allcomers 2 (MRT Race): PM47 Michal, TB669 Mr. Perfect Jr.

DD: Team Bandicoot

1st: Team Bandicoot - 63 points
2nd: West Country Wreckers - 58 points
3rd: Riot Squad - 20 points
4th: PiranMoto - 14 points

After losing the Unlimited title to Riot Squad 2 weeks ago, Team Bandicoot then did the reverse and stole a title away from the green and yellow team following a monumental battle with a different looking West Country Wreckers. Aided by the supreme rodding abilities of Young and Ade, the purple team looked on course for their first ever team title. However, it wasn't to be.

#200 picked up three heats, second in the final and an Allcomers in scoring a meeting-high 39 points while #136 claimed 2 heats on his way to 14 points. But the continental black and blue team put themselves in contention following Rik's three heats for 34 points and then a superb drive from guest driver Colin to take the final with #997 securing the crucial 3rd place that took the two into the DD. Due to the "elongated" ( :lol: ) Allcomers, WCW had 1 driver less in the DD and paid the price for it as they were all eliminated well before the end, with Pepino winning the DD and meeting for Team Bandicoot in rather suitable style by eliminating Riot Squad's Cap to do so.

On the subject of Riot Squad, they couldn't get anything going tonight, with the pair's highest finish being 3rd in heats 1 and 7, but had a steady accumulation of lower top 5 finishes to end up 3rd. It was even worse for PiranMoto as despite Michal getting an Allcomers, only scored in half the races and never had a multiple points finish to end up bottom.

So, to remind you of your winners:


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