2019 Micro Best Buds Results

The results and points from the team meetings.
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2019 Micro Best Buds Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 29 Mar 2019, 11:47 pm

Following last year's poor turnout that saw the small cars' Best Buds meeting cancelled and not rescheduled, it was a lot better this year with 12 drivers in attendance at the quaint but quality Crimond circuit, suitably split into 6 pairs.

The sextet were as follows:

673 Sam M.
473 Dean

628 Stwarm
629 Storm

616 Jam
47 Michal

786 Brett
870 Looney

997 Rik
66 Colin

606 Jon
312 Mr. T-Bone

What actually looked like a close fight at the end was in fact decided before the DD as the importance of both a pair's drivers finishing in the top 6 was highlighted...

Top 6 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. 5 points went to the winning pair in the DD.

MM = The Moat Mob
TS = Team Storm
PM = PiranMoto
WC = World Class Wreckers
TB = Team Bandicoot
MF = Misfits

Heat 1: TB66 Colin, MM673 Sam M., PM47 Michal, MM473 Dean, PM616 Jam, MF606 Jon, TS629 Storm, TS628 Stwarm, WC786 Brett, TB997 Rik
Heat 2: PM47 Michal, TB997 Rik, MM473 Dean, MM673 Sam M., TB66 Colin, TS629 Storm, WC870 Looney, MF606 Jon, TS628 Stwarm, WC786 Brett
Heat 3: TB997 Rik, MM473 Dean, MM673 Sam M., PM616 Jam, TB66 Colin, MF606 Jon, WC870 Looney, PM47 Michal, WC786 Brett
Heat 4: PM47 Michal, MM473 Dean, MF312 Mr. T-Bone, TB66 Colin, PM616 Jam, MM673 Sam M., TS628 Stwarm, MF606 Jon, WC870 Looney, WC786 Brett, TB997 Rik
Heat 5: PM616 Jam, TB66 Colin, TB997 Rik, MF606 Jon, MM673 Sam M., MM473 Dean, TS628 Stwarm, MF312 Mr. T-Bone, TS629 Storm, WC786 Brett, WC870 Looney, PM47 Michal
Heat 6: MM473 Dean, MM673 Sam M., TB997 Rik, PM616 Jam, WC786 Brett, MF312 Mr. T-Bone, WC870 Looney, PM66 Colin, TS629 Storm, TS628 Stwarm, PM47 Michal

Final: TB997 Rik, MM473 Dean, MM673 Sam M., MF312 Mr. T-Bone, PM47 Michal, TS628 Stwarm, MF606 Jon, TS629 Storm, TB66 Colin, WC786 Brett, WC870 Looney

Allcomers 1: MM473 Dean, TS629 Storm, MF606 Jon, PM616 Jam, TB66 Colin, WC870 Looney, PM47 Michal
Allcomers 2 (Unlims): PM616 Jam, WC786 Brett, TS629 Storm, PM47 Michal, TS628 Stwarm, MM473 Dean, MF606 Jon
Allcomers 3 (Unlims Ramps): PM616 Jam, TS629 Storm, TB997 RIk, TB66 Colin, PM47 Michal

DD: Team Bandicoot (Rik)

1st: The Moat Mob - 62 points
2nd: Team Bandicoot - 54 points
3rd: PiranMoto - 36 points
4th: Misfits - 16 points
5th: Team Storm - 3 points
6th: World Class Wreckers - 2 points

With PiranMoto the reigning champions from 2017 present at the meeting (as 2018's edition didn't happen) they were available to defend their title. However, they couldn't do so as Dean & Sam once again demonstrated the talent within the Moat family as they had a dominant display. The Moat Mob were the only pairing to have both members finish in the top 6 of EVERY points race, with #473 claiming two heat wins as well as the first Allcomers and #673 netting a pair of a 2nds. A 2nd-3rd combination in the final sealed the victory, but it wasn't a Moat who was the stand-out performer on the night. That went to Team Bandicoot's Rik, who contributed two-thirds (36 points) of his pair's total thanks to a heat win, the final and the DD; Colin won the opening heat and also got a second. The reigning champs only finished third as despite Michal winning two heats and Jam a single combined with two Allcomers, they only recorded top 6 placings together twice. As for the rest, the Misfits had a Mr. T-Bone heat third place and a fourth in the final to largely contribute to their total, Team Storm only scored a single point in the heats but got sixth in the final through Stwarm, and Brett was the sole points scorer for the World Class Wreckers, although given their name winning wasn't on their minds; #786 nailing #616 in a superb train on the first lap of the final their highlight.


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