2019 2 Litre Best Buds Results

The results and points from the team meetings.
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2019 2 Litre Best Buds Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 07 Jun 2019, 11:34 pm

Aldershot was once again the host for the annual 2 Litre Best Buds pairs meeting. As with last year 9 drivers attended, with Tubsy making his return to action after a number of months away and Sam M. selflessly giving up his right to score points, which has to be commended (he's included in the results of the non-points races only). The Hampshire circuit provided some superb racing and wrecking action throughout the evening, which went remarkably quickly (by my standards! :lol:)

The four "best buds" were as follows:

606 Jon
616 Jam

870 Looney
786 Brett

902 Tubsy
997 Rik

911 Cole
337 Spook

As proven multiple times before, the winners showed it's all about both finishing in the points than actually winning races...

Top 6 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. 5 points went to the winning pair in the DD.

RS = Riot Squad
WA = World Class Wreckers "A"
TA = Team Aftermath
WB = World Class Wreckers "B"

Heat 1: TA997 Rik, TA902 Tubsy, WA786 Brett, RS616 Jam, RS606 Jon, WB911 Cole, WA870 Looney
Heat 2: WB911 Cole, TA997 Rik, WB337 Spook, WA786 Brett, RS616 Jam, WA870 Looney
Heat 3: RS616 Jam, WA786 Brett, RS606 Jon, WB911 Cole, WA870 Looney, TA902 Tubsy, TA997 Rik
Heat 4: WB337 Spook, TA997 Rik, RS616 Jam, RS606 Jon, TA902 Tubsy, WB911 Cole, WA786 Brett, WA870 Looney
Heat 5: RS606 Jon, RS616 Jam, WA786 Brett, TA997 Rik, WB337 Spook, WB911 Cole, WA870 Looney
Heat 6: WB911 Cole, TA997 Rik, WA786 BRett, WA870 Looney, RS606 Jon, RS616 Jam

Final: WA786 Brett, RS616 Jam, TA997 Rik, RS606 Jon, WB337 Spook, WA870 Looney

Allcomers 1: RS616 Jam, WB786 Brett, RS606 Jon, TA997 Rik, (No Team) 673 Sam M.
Allcomers 2 (Ramp Race): WA786 Brett, TA997 Rik, NT673 Sam M.
Allcomers 3 (MRT Ramp Race): TA997 Rik, RS616 Jam
Allcomers 4 (All Cars Race): RS616 Jam, NT673 Sam M., WA870 Looney, WB337 Spook

DD: Team Aftermath*

1st: Riot Squad - 54 points
2nd: Team Aftermath - 45 points
3rd: World Class Wreckers "A" - 40 points
4th: World Class Wreckers "B" - 34 points

Incredibly Jam has made it a hat-trick of 2 Litre Best Buds titles over the past three years with another success alongside fellow admin Jon in the colours of Riot Squad. 616 claimed heat 3 and 606 impressively won heat 5 for a 1-2 RS finish, with the former claiming two of the Allcomers, but the crucial element of their win was finishing the races, with just a single race having only finisher from the pair to win by 9 points. Team Aftermath, last seen on LFS Bangers many years ago, finished second with Rik understandably the star man, with the opening heat in the pair's sole 1-2 finish alongside the DD, an Allcomers and three second places earning him 37 of the pair's 45 points. LFS Bangers' modern day superteam of the World Class Wreckers performed quite well indeed, with the "A" pairing of Looney & Brett finishing third thanks to 786's final win as well as the other Allcomers and "B" having two wins for Cole and one for Spook but nothing of real note anywhere else to finish fourth.


* Sam M. was the actual winner of the DD but as he was ineligible for points, Rik representing Team Aftermath is the official winner.

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