2019 Unlimited Best Buds Results

The results and points from the team meetings.
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2019 Unlimited Best Buds Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 30 Aug 2019, 11:59 pm

Ipswich was once again the host for the annual Unlimited Best Buds pairs meeting. Eight drivers attended, including an official return for 8 Tim following his appearance at last week's cancelled August Bank Holiday Fun Meet and a surprise showing from LFS Bangers' godfather 27 Cap, making his first appearance in nearly a year! The famous Foxhall Stadium produced some excellent racing and wrecking from all attendees.

The four "best buds" were as follows:

606 Jon
27 Cap

870 Looney
217 Tilson

616 Jam
8 Tim

786 Brett
320 Hunter

A truly incredible battle which seemed like it was over before it started eventually ended up being decided by just 3 points...

Top 6 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. 5 points went to the winning pair in the DD.

RS = Riot Squad
WA = World Class Wreckers "A"
PM = PiranMoto
WB = World Class Wreckers "B"

Heat 1: WA870 Looney, WA217 Tilson, PM8 Tim, WB320 Hunter, RS27 Cap, RS606 Jon, PM616 Jam, WB786 Brett
Heat 2: WA217 Tilson, PM616 Jam, WB320 Hunter, PM8 Tim, RS606 Jon, WA870 Looney, RS27 Cap, WB786 Brett
Heat 3: WA870 Looney, WB320 Hunter, WA217 Tilson, PM616 Jam, PM8 Tim, RS606 Jon, RS27 Cap, WB786 Brett
Heat 4: WA870 Looney, WA217 Tilson, PM616 Jam, RS27 Cap, PM8 Tim, WB320 Hunter, RS606 Jon, WB786 Brett
Heat 5: WA217 Tilson, PM616 Jam, WA870 Looney, RS27 Cap, PM8 Tim, WB320 Hunter, WB786 Brett
Heat 6: WA870 Looney, PM8 Tim, PM616 Jam, RS27 Cap, WB320 Hunter, RS606 Jon, WB786 Brett

Final: PM8 Tim, PM616 Jam, WA870 Looney, RS27 Cap, RS606 Jon, WB786 Brett

Allcomers 1: WB320 Hunter, WA217 Tilson, WB786 Brett, RS606 Jon
Allcomers 2 (2L Race): WB320 Hunter, PM616 Jam, RS27 Cap, PM8 Tim, WB786 Brett, RS606 Jon
Allcomers 3 (Micros Race): WA217 Tilson, WB320 Hunter, RS606 Jon, PM8 Tim, RS27 Cap

DD: World Class Wreckers "B"

1st: World Class Wreckers "A" - 63 points
2nd: PiranMoto - 60 points
3rd: Riot Squad - 26 points
4th: World Class Wreckers "B" - 24 points

It was the pairing of Looney and Tilson which came out on top in a remarkable resurrection attempt by PiranMoto. #870 had won 4 of the 6 heats (and also finished as the night's top scorer with 37 points) with #217 getting the other two in a WCW "A" clean sweep of the 12 lap points races. But following Tilson's "enforced" absence from the final due to, shall we say "arachnid issues", PiranMoto came back with a vengeance as Tim led home Jam for a 1-2 a swing of 14 points in their favour. With Looney and Jam missing from the DD, it was down to Tilson v Tim. However, Hunter wrecked that by eliminating both drivers, the former securing the DD victory for WCW "B" and the overall victory for WCW "A". #320 also claimed two Allcomers with #217 picking up the last Allcomers race. The only team not yet mentioned in Riot Squad seemed to revert back to their regular selves, attempting to finish high enough but not getting there; they did manage to finish ahead of WCW "B" despite not achieving a win, although that may be due to Brett only scoring 2 out of the 24 gained as he was on the oppo all night! :lol:

So, to remind you:


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