2019 2 Litre Krash Kings Results

The results and points from the team meetings.
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2019 2 Litre Krash Kings Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 06 Dec 2019, 11:54 pm

The final LFS Bangers team meeting saw 12 drivers attend for a final blast around the pacey Hednesford Hills Raceway. There was some absolutely brilliant racing, wrecking and oppo hitting throughout the night, although spirits did get a bit heightened later on (but that's to be expected from a team meet!) but thankfully had no impact on the final result. Former European champion 47 Michal made a more than overdue return to the league having been absent for a few months. Team Bandicoot were defending the title they won rather easily back in 2018.

The twelve were split between four teams as follows:

673 Sam
573 Shane
473 Dean

320 Hunter
628 Stwarm
629 Storm

997 Rik
474 MIniman

616 Jam
47 Michal
870 Looney
606 Jon

From the start it appeared one team had complete control of the meeting and it proved to be the case...

Top 5 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. Drivers in italics finished but did not score points. 2 points went to the winning teams in the tied DD.

MM = The Moat Mob
TW = Team Wreckers
TB = Team Bandicoot
PM = PiranMoto

Heat 1: PM47 Michal, PM616 Jam, TB474 Miniman, TB997 Rik, MM473 Dean, MM573 Shane, PM606 Jon, MM673 Sam
Heat 2: TW320 Hunter, PM47 Michal, MM573 Shane, MM673 Sam, PM616 Jam, MM473 Dean, TB474 Miniman, TB997 Rik, PM606 Jon, TW629 Storm, PM870 Looney
Heat 3: PM47 Michal, MM573 Shane, PM616 Jam, TW628 Stwarm, PM606 Jon, MM473 Dean, TW629 Storm, TB474 Miniman, MM673 Sam, TB997 Rik
Heat 4: PM47 Michal, PM616 Jam, TW320 Hunter, TW628 Stwarm, MM673 Sam, MM473 Dean, MM573 Shane, TB474 Miniman, PM606 Jon, PM870 Looney
Heat 5: TB997 Rik, MM673 Sam, TW320 Hunter, PM616 Jam, MM473 Dean, MM573 Shane, TB474 Miniman, TW629 Storm
Heat 6: PM616 Jam, MM573 Shane, TW 320 Hunter, MM673 Sam, PM606 Jon, TW628 Stwarm, MM473 Dean, TB474 Miniman, PM870 Looney

Final: PM47 Michal, TB474 Miniman, MM473 Dean, TW628 Stwarm, MM673 Sam, PM606 Jon, PM616 Jam, TB997 Rik, TW629 Storm, MM573 Shane, PM870 Looney

Allcomers 1: TW629 Storm, PM616 Jam, TB997 Rik, TW628 Stwarm, MM573 Shane, MM673 Sam
Allcomers 2 (Ramp Race): TB997 Rik, PM47 Michal, TW628 Stwarm, TW629 Storm, PM616 Jam, TB474 Miniman
Allcomers 3 (Unlimited Race): TW320 Hunter, TB997 RIk, TW628 Stwarm, PM606 Jon, MM673 Sam

DD: Drawn between Team Wreckers and The Moat Mob after 30 minutes.

1st: PiranMoto - 50 points
2nd: The Moat Mob - 32 points
3rd: Team Wreckers - 24 points
4th: Team Bandicoot - 18 points

Unsurprisingly the team with the most drivers in it won the meeting, but it truly was a team performance from the PiranMoto guys as half of them (Jam & Michal) rodded and the other half (Jon & Looney) largely stayed on oppo. Such was the dominance of Jam & Michal doing what they do best in these meetings - consistent finishing in the points - that they amassed all but 2 of the team's points (with Jon picking up the other 2) and scored more together than the bottom two teams combined! 47 proved he's not lost any of his ability despite his absence, claiming three heats and the final with his only other points finish being a second place! 616 picked up a heat as well as PM claimed the meeting after the final had been completed. The Moat Mob were their closest challengers 18 points back despite not actually winning a single race and even drawing the DD with third placed Team Wreckers. On the subject of the red and black Dutchmen, they had a strong all-round performance with heat and Allcomers wins for Hunter and an Allcomers win for Storm alongside the aforementioned drawn DD. Surprisingly last year's winners Team Bandicoot finished bottom, mainly due to only picking up 4 point scoring finishes. Rik did claim a heat and an Allcomers though.

Before I end this I'd like to thank every single team that has raced on LFS Bangers over the years, from the smallest and shortest-lived to the ones that were the biggest and were around for years. Every single one of them played their part in making team meetings enjoyable on the whole (the inaugural Krash Kings in 2008 aside!) As I've said before, it genuinely is a shame we cannot go back in time and compile a meeting of the best teams from throughout LFS Bangers' history; I bet it would be one hell of an evening with all those teams in one server on one layout; 47 cars on the original Blackwood Car Park oval anyone? :lol:

So, just to remind you:


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