2019 2 Litre Battle of Britain Results

The results and points from the team meetings.
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2019 2 Litre Battle of Britain Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 12 Jul 2019, 11:36 pm

Nine drivers attended the quick Hednesford Hills Raceway for the 2019 2 Litre Battle of Britain. It was great to see a number of Dutch racers return to the league after long absences recently, with 66 Colin, 629 Storm and 997 Rik all returning to the action, which was not just excellent racing wise but also crashing wise; the second Allcomers was so destructive it had to be restarted due to no drivers finishing! The nine drivers were split over 4 teams as follows:

606 Jon
616 Jam

870 Looney
786 Brett
217 Tilson*

997 Rik
66 Colin

673 Sam
629 Storm

With Jon and Looney from 2018's winners "Admin Squad" in separate teams, it meant that only one and not both of them could retain the title. Once again, the title was won by the team who finished the most...

Top 5 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. Drivers in italics finished but did not score points. 5 points went to the winning team in the DD; in the event of a tie, 2 points were given to each surviving team.

RS = Riot Squad
WC = World Class Wreckers
TB = Team Bandicoot
SS = Sam/Storm

Heat 1: RS616 Jam, WC786 Brett, SS673 Sam, WC870 Looney, TB66 Colin, SS629 Storm, RS606 Jon, TB997 Rik
Heat 2: SS673 Sam, RS616 Jam, RS606 Jon, SS629 Storm, WC870 Looney, TB997 Rik, WC786 Brett
Heat 3: WC786 Brett, RS616 Jam, SS673 Sam, TB66 Colin, RS606 Jon, SS629 Storm, TB997 Rik, WC870 Looney
Heat 4: RS606 Jon, TB66 Colin, RS616 Jam, WC786 Brett, SS629 Storm, WC870 Looney, TB997 Rik, SS673 Sam
Heat 5: RS616 Jam, WC786 Brett, SS629 Storm, RS606 Jon, TB66 Colin, SS673 Sam, WC870 Looney, TB997 Rik
Heat 6: TB997 Rik, WC786 Brett, RS616 Jam, SS673 Sam, RS606 Jon, SS629 Storm, TB66 Colin, WC870 Looney

Final: WC786 Brett, SS673 Sam, TB66 Colin, RS616 Jam, RS606 Jon, SS629 Storm, TB997 Rik, WC870 Looney

Allcomers 1: WC786 Brett, SS673 Sam, TB66 Colin, RS616 Jam, RS606 Jon, TB997 Rik, SS629 Storm, WC870 Looney
Allcomers 2 (Ramp Race): RS606 Jon, TB997 Rik

DD: SS673 Sam and TB997 Rik; declared after 30 minutes

1st: Riot Squad - 42 points
2nd: World Class Wreckers - 32 points
3rd: Sam/Storm - 29 points
4th: Team Bandicoot - 21 points

A comprehensive performance from Jon & Jam saw Riot Squad win the meeting by 10 points from the World Class Wreckers. 606 & 616 only failed to both finish a race once out of 7 attempts, and the ex-European champion's two race wins and two seconds on his way to a haul of 28 individual points were complimented by a stolen win by the league admin (with Colin having been taken out on the last bend in Heat 4) and the second Allcomers. Incredibly the star performer on the night was Brett, who claimed 29 points as well as a heat, the final and the first Allcomers to secure WCW's second place. Sam also had a great night, amassing 21 points alongside Storm and winning a heat in the process. Team Bandicoot finished fourth but this was mainly due to Rik deciding to go rear wheel drive for the night instead of rodding, wrecking everyone at one point! 997 was still able to claim a race win but somehow was unable to kill the 673 car in the DD despite bursting both of the XFG's front tyres!

So, to remind you:


* Tilson did not compete in a points scoring race and didn't finish in either Allcomers nor the DD.

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