The tenth and third complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Postby Jon#606 » Fri 03 Nov 2017, 11:02 pm

Last year saw Firecracker attract 24 drivers to Arena Essex. This year, for reasons I don't know, there were just six. Thankfully, the sextet of drivers enjoyed themselves so it didn't end up as a wasted evening.

Rik and Cap jointly won the meeting with four wins each: the British Champion had two Unlim heat wins, 1 Robin heat win and the big Firecracker final, while the World Champion had an Unlim heat win, the smaller final and both DDs. Jam won a heat and two Allcomers, with Pepino taking the first race of the meeting.

All races were non-points.

Ultimate Unlims Heat 1: Pepino, Jam, Cap, Jon, Rik
Ultimate Unlims Heat 2: Rik, Cap, Jam

Robins Heat 1: Rik, Cap, Jam, Pepino

Ultimate Unlims Heat 3: Cap, Jam, Jon, Colin
Ultimate Unlims Heat 4: Rik, Cap, Jon, Colin, Pepino

Robins Heat 2: Jam, Pepino, RIk, Colin

Robins Final: Cap, Jam, Colin, Pepino, Jon

Ultimate Unlims Final: Rik, Pepino, Cap

Robins Allcomers: Jam, Rik, Colin, Jon, Cap

Ultimate Unlims Allcomers: Jam, Pepino, Jon, Rik

Robins DD: Cap

Ultimate Unlims DD: Cap

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