Metal Mania 2018 Results

The eleventh and fourth complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Metal Mania 2018 Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 09 Mar 2018, 11:26 pm

The 2018 Metal Mania had 12 attendees, and was as hard-hitting as ever around the tight Warton circuit with some good racing as well. However, due to the conversion of the track from the old Blackwood car park to its new Autocross environment, there were a number of complaints regarding the inside barriers that had been included on the old track. Jam has said he will take a look at it and see if the track is more suitable on another environment, but as for now Warton will not be used for Metal Mania until this is rectified.

Rik's winning run continued as he took the meeting with 4 outright wins and a tie in the RWD DD. The Dutchman claimed a heat in both classes, the Unlimited Final and Allcomers, the Unlimited DD in slightly controversial circumstances owing to some drivers not spectating when they were out and a 3-way tie in the RWD DD with Pepino and Cap. The latter of these drivers won an Unlimited heat and the RWD Final. Miniman claimed an Unlimited and a RWD heat with Tilson completing the winners' list by claiming his own Unlimited heat and the RWD Allcomers.

All races were non-points.

Unlimited Heat 1: Miniman, Tilson, Rik, Cap, Pepino
Unlimited Heat 2: Tilson, Cap, Mr. Perfect Jr., Jon, Rik, Looney

RWD Heat 1: Miniman, Cap, Jam, Pepino, Rik, Colin

Unlimited Heat 3: Rik, Colin, Pepino, Cap, Tilson, Mr. Perfect Jr.
Unlimited Heat 4: Cap, Colin, Tilson, Rik, Jam

RWD Heat 2: Rik, Tilson, Cap, Colin, Pepino

Unlimited Final: Rik, Looney, Pepino, Tilson, Cap

RWD Final: Cap, Tilson, Jam, Joan, Colin

Unlimited Allcomers: Rik, Jam, Cap, Pepino, Jon, Joan

RWD Allcomers: Tilson, Cap, Rik, Jam, Joan, Looney, Jon, Colin

Unlimited DD: Rik

RWD DD: Declared after 15 minutes; Cap, Pepino and RIk were the last cars running.

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