World Cup 2018 Results

The eleventh and fourth complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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World Cup 2018 Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 13 Apr 2018, 11:55 pm

Eleven drivers made the trip up to Cowdenbeath for the 2018 staging of the World Cup. Stealy and Michal made returns after prolonged absences with 2-time 2 Litre World Champion Shane confirming his proper return to the league following his appearance in Unlimited Round 3 after a spell of well over 3 years away. The long Cowdie oval provided some excellent racing as well as a tremendous number of big hits. The "motocross" Allcomers provided quite a bit of hilarity, with the 4 ramps in succession rolling nearly everyone in every race! :lol:

Although it was Michal with the most wins on the night, taking 2 heats and 2 Allcomers, it was a surprise winner in the World Cup as Brett claimed his first ever LFS Bangers title. The win came in just the final few laps as Rik, who had been leading by well over half a lap at one stage, was stopped on oppo by Jon after approximately his 10th attempt ( :lol: ) to take out the recently dominant Dutchman, eventually getting him caught up on the pit bend and allowed Brett, Jam and Pepino to get past him. The reigning 2 Litre British Champion did manage two heat wins, so his night wasn't totally ruined. ;) Shane picked up a heat, an Allcomers and his second DD in a row, Pepino won a heat and Cap won an Allcomers.

All races were non-points. Congratulations to all the winners.

Heat 1: Rik, Michal, Brett, Ade, Cap, Shane, Colin, Stealy, Jon, Jam
Heat 2: Shane, Cap, Brett, Stealy, Rik, Ade, Jam
Heat 3: Rik, Shane, Ade, Cap, Michal, Brett, Stealy, Jon, Jam
Heat 4: Michal, Cap, Brett, Jam, Ade, Shane, Pepino, Jon, Colin
Heat 5: Pepino, Brett, Shane, Jam, Cap, Jon, Rik, Ade
Heat 6: Michal, Shane, Brett, Cap, Ade, Jon, Pepino, Stealy, Colin

World Cup: Brett, Jam, Pepino, Rik, Cap, Michal, Stealy, Ade, Colin, Jon

Allcomers 1 (Motocross): Cap, Michal, Brett
Allcomers 2 (MRT Motocross): Shane, Brett, Stealy
Allcomers 3 (MRT Half-Ramp Motocross): Michal, Pepino, Rik, Cap, Jon
Allcomers 4 (MRT Sharper Half-Ramp Motocross): Michal, Shane, Cap, Brett, Stealy

DD: Shane

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