World Cup 2019 Results

The results of the non-points meetings.
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World Cup 2019 Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 12 Apr 2019, 11:52 pm

Thirteen drivers ventured north to Cowdenbeath Racewall for the 2019 staging of the World Cup, which was surprisingly an all-RB4 affair, with noted FXO "specialist" Jon opting for the all-wheel drive vehicle this evening. As always, the big Cowdie oval provided some great wrecking opportunities and some brilliant racing. Despite a number of drivers leaving immediately after the big race, the special Allcomers were enjoyed by everyone who competed in them.

Current 2 Litre European Champion Cole was the biggest winner on the night, taking 4 heats in succession and could have had 5 in a row were it not for Colin in heat 2. However, the Ulsterman was unable to claim the World Cup title as he was controversially taken out by Storm on lap 10. The race then became a rather farcical battle between England and the Netherlands as following multiple wrecks, Looney was the sole remaining British driver in the race. Despite the perseverance of both #66 and #629 to stop the 2017 Unlimited World & Points champ and allow the likes of Stwarm or Hunter through to win, he took the title from his WCW teammate Brett (who did not attend and therefore immediately surrendered any attempt to defend his title) in utterly dominant fashion, lapping the entire field in the process! #320 was not to be totally disappointed though as he claimed his first DD win by eliminating #628. Crash Jr. won the first race of the night, with Jam claiming all three Allcomers races.

Heat 1: Crash Jr., Looney, Hunter, Colin, Jam, Naglas, Storm
Heat 2: Colin, Cole, Crash Jr., Hunter, Looney, Jam, Jon, Stwarm, Storm, Naglas
Heat 3: Cole, Crash Jr., Hunter, Naglas, Stwarm, Jon, Storm, Looney, Jam
Heat 4: Cole, Crash Jr., Jam, Hunter, Naglas, Storm
Heat 5: Cole, Stwarm, Colin, Spook, Naglas, Jam, Looney, Jon, Storm
Heat 6: Cole, Spook, Crash Jr., Hunter, Jam, Colin, Looney, Storm, Jon

World Cup: Looney, Stwarm, Naglas, Crash Jr., Storm

Allcomers 1 (All Cars): Jam, Spook, Jon, Storm
Allcomers 2 (All Cars Ramps): Jam, Crash Jr., Jon
Allcomers 3 (2 Litre Ramps): Jam, Spook, Crash Jr.

DD: Hunter

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