July Fun Meet 2019 Results

The results of the non-points meetings.
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July Fun Meet 2019 Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 26 Jul 2019, 11:23 pm

First of all I'd like to thank Brett for running the majority of this meeting on my behalf tonight; I have been ill all week and unfortunately did not feel in the mood to run tonight. While I did the first four races owing to Brett being late, once again he made up for any delays we had owing to the shale oval's grid and the cars being used by getting through 12 races in just over an hour.

With the server open, we had a number of guest drivers competing alongside the 10 regulars with 5 in the form of Czech driver Mate, Americans PopnLoch & Dave, UK driver Fetch and Lithuania driver Pitlane. All enjoyed it to various degrees so here's hoping they all sign up to the league soon!

The variety of races meant a variety of winners, with nine different victors. Sam claimed the most wins with 4 in total with a pair of 2 Litre wins, the all car ramp race and the UF1 v XRT race. Cole was the second highest winner with a trio in the Aldershot Unlims, Gizmo's Stadium Ramp race and the Wimbledon 2 Litre race. Jam and Brett claimed a pair of race with both Shale Oval races for the former and the FZ5 race and closing DD for the latter. The other five races were all won by five different drivers, with Popnloch claiming the Autorodeo RWD race, Mate the Buxton Figure 8 Micro race, Dave the MRT Sumo eliminator, Jon the RAC Sumo eliminator and Stwarm with the Skid Pad Oval XFG race.

All races were non-points. Congratulations to all the winners.

Aldershot Unlims: Cole, Drakey, Colin, Stwarm, Jon, Sam

Gizmo 2 Litres Ramps: Cole (no other finishers)

Shale Oval MRT: Jam, Mate, Sam, Jon

Shale Oval Micros: Jam, Stwarm, Brett, Sam, Cole, Jon, Fetch, Looney, Popnloch, Mate, Storm, Drakey

Tilburg 2 Litres: Sam, Stwarm, Cole, Dave, Storm, Mate, Fetch, Brett, Drakey, Jam

Wimbledon 2 Litres: Cole, Popnloch, Jam, Sam, Dave, Mate, Storm, Fetch, Drakey

Autorodeo Oval RWD: Popnloch, Cole, Jam, Brett, Stwarm, Fetch, Drakey

Buxton Figure 8 Micros: Mate, Cole, Sam, Jam, Fetch

MRT Sumo: Dave

RAC Sumo: Jon

Skid Pad Oval XFG: Stwarm, Mate, Sam, Jon, Dave, Drakey, Jam

Yarmouth XFG: Sam, Brett, Mate

Ringwood FZ5: Brett, Mate, Pitlane, Sam

Ringwood Ramps All Car: Sam, Pitlane, Mate

Hednesford Figure 8 UF1 v XRT: Sam (UF1), Jon (UF1)

Crimond DD: Brett

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