LFS Bangers Final Meeting Celebration Results & Final Thanks

The results of the non-points meetings.
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LFS Bangers Final Meeting Celebration Results & Final Thanks

Postby Jon#606 » Sat 21 Dec 2019, 6:05 pm

Apologies for not getting these results up until now, but considering how insane last night was I think I needed a lie down before writing up the report! I will put a full list of drivers involved up in the next few days, but with almost 30 cars racing at one point for quite a while, it was truly a night of superb wrecking and racing action from everyone on a number of old and new favourites as well as some unusual combinations.

We had 12 events in total, and all of them were incredible. I would like to specifically point out the absolutely mental Death Lane Xtreme on South City. Ever since I left [CAD] in 2009 and stopped running the LFS DD League in 2011, I've wanted to get a crowd like that on a DD layout. It took me back to those days and I really wished we'd had the sort of layout creation tools we have now back in the day. I must apologise though for the lap length being completely unsuitable for the number of cars; unfortunately I forgot that it's about a minute EACH WAY, not each lap. It really should have been 4 laps, not 6 and for that I can offer my sincerest apologises. We could have had another race or two if I'd realised it would take as long as it did!

For now, here are the results from last night. A special congratulations must go to 616 Jam for being the last ever final winner in the Firecracker Redux, and to 66 Colin for being the last ever DD winner (and by that mark the last ever LFS Bangers race winner). I will try and write up something more spectacular for each race later.

Car Park Oval 2 Litres: Shane, Jake, Foster, Miniman, Jam, Dean, Colin, Crashman, Rik, Stwarm, Storm, Drakey, SNI, Hunter, Beatdrop, Pepino, Jon, Looney, Mozza, Dumbo, Spook

Skidpad Oval Unlims: Foster, Rik, MIniman, Mozza, Pepino, Crashman, Shane, Jam, MIchal, Tubsy, Airis, Stwarm, Jake, Sam, Looney, Hunter

Daz's Oval Micros: Foster, Miniman, Shane, Michal, Dean, Jam, Crashman, Ryano, Mozza, Looney, Hunter, Airis, Storm, Sam, Jon, Drift Boy, Drakey, Pepino, Jake, Brett, Stwarm, Dumbo

Fern Bay Smallfield All Cars: Foster, Michal, Jam, Pepino, Crashman, Sam, Rik, Shane, Stwarm, Colin, Drift Boy, Miniman, Dumbo, Storm

Death Lane Xtreme DD Unlims: Rik, Sam (race declared after the winner had crossed the line due to it taking far too long)

Yarmouth Figure 8 2 Litres: Miniman, Rik, Jam, Sam, Colin, Pepino, Bender, Michal, Drakey, Jake, Shane, Dean, Hunter, Brett, Storm

Firecracker Redux: Jam, Colin, Sam, Dumbo, Drakey, Pepino, Jake, Shane, Jon

Aldershot MRT: Shane, Sam, Jake, Rik, Jam, Dean, Miniman, Colin, Pepino

Birmingham Ramps 2 Litres: Michal, Rik, Beatdrop, Mozza, Sam, Jon, Dean, Shane, Pepino, Jam, Miniman, Storm, Stwarm

Sumo: Rik

Car Park 2 Litre Last Blast: Jam, Pepino, Mozza, Pete, Jake, Shane, Rik, Dean, Beatdrop, Colin, Sam, Brett, Hunter

Car Park DD (The Last Ever Race): Colin

The replays from last night can be found here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/hhnc3s

So I guess it's time for me to write out a massive paragraph of thanks to everyone.

When I first got my Live For Speed S2 licence way back in February 2008 as a 16 year old who hadn't even left secondary school yet, never would I have known it would have taken me on the journeys I've had in the game and still be there nearly 12 years later.

From the lynchpin that has been LFS Bangers and all its associated leagues, such as FNBangers, WNBangers, the original LFSBangers.co.uk league and Get Walled, to the brief by comparison but incredibly significant [noobs] Destruction Derby, [CAD] Destruction Derby and LFS Destruction Derby servers and leagues, as well as a fairly minor spell on [TC] City Driving years ago, I've enjoyed the significant majority of it.

I want to of course give a special thanks to Cap for having been the man who pretty much got us all together in the first place with his inimitable running of the league in the first place for 6 almost unbroken years, Daz for setting up the first league I adminned, Russ for his brilliant original LFSBangers.co.uk league, and Looney & Jam for their invaluable support in terms of the forum and server and InSim system. I'd also like to thank all the layout makers (Foster, Pepino, Miniman, Brett, Timmy, Gizmo & everyone else) who provided us with such great recreations to race on down the years.

Thank you to everyone for the contributions you've made over these last 12 seasons, even those who have not been involved in LFS Bangers for a long time. Every single contribution, positive, negative or neutral, made an impact. This league will never be forgotten for the friendships it has created.


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