The ninth and second complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Postby Jon#606 » Fri 07 Oct 2016, 11:53 pm

The big cars' main title of 2016 was decided tonight with the 2016 Unlimited World Final, held at Ipswich for the second year in succession.

As always, I apologise for the delay in preparing the World FInal grid but it has to be right. I also have to apologise for the ridiculous amounts of rule breaking over tonight's meeting; I have mentioned this to a number of drivers but I have had significant issues outside of LFS in recent months that means I have not been as committed to this as I usually am. This should change from now and this meeting will be reviewed in full over the weekend: there will be warnings issued as some of the rule breaking was downright stupid.

As with the other championship races from earlier in the year, a high number of Top 20 drivers did not attend the meeting with 8 of those qualified failing to attend; I am however aware that in this case, the majority of these drivers have appeared to have stopped racing on LFS Bangers, which is very sad to see. However, there were six non-qualifying drivers who attended and so a Last Chance Qualifier was ran. The competing drivers in the LCQ were 47 Michal, 66 Hammertime, 200 Youngy, 212 Bokito, 386 Lukey and 726 Sam, and its result was as follows:

Last Chance Qualifier: Youngy, Michal, Lukey, Sam, Hammertime

An easy win for the two-time 2 Litre World Champion as Youngy led the continually impressive Michal into the World Final with him. Commiserations to those who failed to qualify, especially Lukey and Sam who had a great battle with each other in the race but just couldn't catch the top two.

This meant that the grid for the 2016 Unlimited Final was a quite small fourteen, and here are those who contested it (reigning champion denoted by the italic C in white brackets next to their name):

27 Cap - - - - - - - - 238 Kane (C)
616 Jam - - - - - - - 870 Looney
960 Pepino - - - - - 474 Miniman
606 Jon - - - - - - - 649 Dumbo
220 Nova - - - - - - 228 Splat
786 Brett - - - - - - 70 Aaron
47 Michal - - - - - - 200 Youngy

One driver led from the start and had no real challenge as he drove all the way to the gold roof...

1st: Kane
2nd: Youngy
3rd: Miniman
Other finishers: Jam, Michal, Looney, Pepino, Nova, Cap, Splat, Jon, Brett

The Unlimited World Final had never been successfully retained by the previous year's winner, with Daz, Foster and Tim all failing to do so. Kane has broken that record by becoming the first to win it two years in a row. Admittedly, it was not a hard challenge as #238 started well from pole and despite the likes of Miniman and Pepino keeping up with him in the early stages, he got too far ahead of the chasing pack and wasn't caught by anyone, even drivers further down the field who were looking for a big hit. Youngy nearly repeated his brother Nova's achievement of qualifying through the LCQ and taking the title but it wasn't to be as he secured a great second place anyway, while Miniman was the last driver on the podium with a fine first place. As always, commiserations to those who finished the 22 lap race but got nothing for it.

Although Kane has not attended every meeting this year, he demonstrated that he is still the one to beat in the Unlimited series by winning the World Final and also keeping the silver roof as points champion. Can he keep both titles again next year?

The 2016 Unlimited World Final replay can be found here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/v20o9m

The Unlimited World Final was the eighth qualifier for the Champion of Champions meeting at the end of the season. As this meeting marks the end of the Unlimited Championship for the season, the Unlimited Points Champion also qualifies for the CoC Meeting. The lucky persons who qualified will be revealed below the results... 8-)

Here are the results from the other races that took place on Friday, which were all non-points. Well done to all the winners:

Heat 1: Lukey, Michal, Cap, Youngy, DarkMetalTim, Dumbo #649, Sam, Kane, Jon, Hammertime, Splat
Heat 2: Youngy, Jam, Kane, Bokito, Splat
Heat 3: Jam, Brett, Nova, Michal, Bokito, Looney, Lukey, Hammertime, Sam
Heat 4: Michal, Jam, DarkMetalTim, Cap, Nova, Young, Jon, Kane, Sam, Hammertime, Splat, Lukey, Luke, Dumbo #649
Heat 5: Nova, Youngy, Lukey, Jam, Bokito, Cap, Kane, Jon, Sam, Looney
Heat 6: Nova, Youngy, Jam, Splat, Michal, Kane, Sam

Final: Kane, Bokito, Nova, Jam, Youngy, Cap, Sam, Jon, Splat

Allcomers 1: Sam, Nova, Jon, Lukey, Youngy, Michal, Kane, Cap, Jam, Splat
Allcomers 2: Michal, Kane, Jon, Jam, Lukey, Cap, Splat, Brett, Sam, Youngy

DD: Sam

The Champion of Champions qualifier from the Unlimited World Final meeting is the winner of the Unlimited World Final.

Kane won the Unlimited World Final, but had already qualified for the Champion of Champions meeting through the World Cup meeting. Per the rules, this means the qualifier from the Unlimited World Final is the next best non-qualified driver, so the Unlimited World Final qualifier is...

200 Youngy

Youngy's place on the CoC grid is the OUTSIDE of the SECOND ROW.

As this is the last meeting of the Unlimited Championship, the Unlimited Points Champion also qualifies. As both drivers in the top two places of the Unlimited Points Table have already qualified, therefore the Unlimited Points Champion qualifier is...

27 Cap

Cap's place on the CoC grid is the OUTSIDE of the FIFTH ROW.

Two well-deserved qualifiers for the season-ending Champion of Champions as Youngy finally joins his brother Nova on the grid by being the best-qualified driver who hadn't already made the grid from the Unlimited World Final. Cap also makes it onto the grid after being the third highest-points scorer in the Unlimiteds: the already-qualified Kane and Rik were first and second respectively.

So, just to reminder you:


The top 3 in the 2016 Unlimited World Final (from L-R: Youngy (2nd), Kane (1st), Miniman (3rd)).

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