The ninth and second complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Postby Jon#606 » Fri 14 Oct 2016, 11:46 pm

Before I announce any results, I have to severely apologise for the absolute mess that was tonight's meeting. Nearly everything that could have gone wrong did.

After last week's LFS Unlimited World Final and the real life Unlimited World Final the day after, it became clear to me that disallowing oppo in major finals was a very silly thing to do. Although it is not the most sporting way to take out your opponents, it does make those races a lot more entertaining when done properly. The "no oppo at any time in major finals" rule will be removed immediately.

What was even more unacceptable, though, was the haphazard manner in which I announced this reversal. As mentioned last week, I have had issues outside of LFS which although they've improved since then haven't gone away completely; this is also the reason last week's World Final has not had its disciplinary report done. These issues have severely clouded my decision making and in all honesty I should have announced the reversal well before the meeting itself and not while everyone was lining up. :roll:

There should have been a line at the end of the crossover and not on the unused straight which confused everyone. I also give my apologies to Looney and Cap for getting their grid positions wrong.

The more pressing matter is the unpopularity of the Figure 8 series with the UF1s. The reason the UF1s were given the Figure 8 series in the first place was because they would have no championship in 2016 had the 2 Litres been kept and it also reduced the number of meetings the 2 Litres had as it was becoming overbearing. On reflection this hasn't worked out, with the real-life tracks being far too large for the small cars. The meeting also had the cars reverted to the 2 Litres and the Figure 8 removed as people did not want to race the meeting with this arrangement. The Figure 8 series will not be run with the UF1s next season. There will also be a significant shake up of the league for 2017 so keep watching the announcements sub-forum for the latest changes.

All of this negativity aside, the 2016 Figure 8 World Final did see 20 drivers compete in the big race. The number of Top 20 absentees was pleasingly minimal, with just 5 not appearing. As there were only three drivers attending who did not race in a Figure 8 round, it was decided that no Last Chance Race would be run as it wouldn't be fair for just one driver to sit out. The three drivers who hadn't competed in a qualifying meeting lined up at the back of the grid in number order. The grid for the Figure 8 World Final is below (reigning champion denoted by the italic C in white brackets next to their name):

27 Cap - - - - - - - - - - - 870 Looney
997 Rik - - - - - - - - - - 616 Jam
70 Aaron - - - - - - - - - 220 Nova
238 Kane (C) - - - - - - - 606 Jon
669 DarkMetalTim - - - 66 Hammertime
474 Miniman - - - - - - 380 Pennywise
228 Splat - - - - - - - - 212 Bokito
786 Brett - - - - - - - - 307 Foster
47 Michal - - - - - - - - 167 Fluffy
960 Pepino - - - - - - - 200 Youngy

One driver led for half the race but got taken out completely and the beneficiary of that was...

1st: Kane
2nd: Pepino
3rd: Cap
Other finishers: Nova, Michal, Hammertime, Brett, Jam, Looney, Splat, Aaron, Youngy

Once again Kane made history by being the first driver to retain the Figure 8 gold roof only a week after retaining his Unlimited gold cross. However, it is the current British and World Cup champion who you have to feel sorry for as Rik led for 9 laps before he was caught up on the first bend by Foster, ending his title hopes, and then hit out of the track on the final lap when in second once again by the reigning graded points champion.

This may have been Rik's last race on LFS Bangers owing to his persistent internet problems and if it is then I am very sad to see him go, especially after the last year has been by far his most successful; it is remarkable to think 12 months ago he had never won a LFS title but has claimed the BWS, World Cup and British crowns in that time along with a number of team meetings.

Rik's Team Bandicoot teammate Pepino proved his recent World Champion title wasn't a fluke as he fought through to get second while Cap won the Figure 8 Points crown for the season - his first title since winning the eternal UF1 gold roof last year - with another third place. As always, commiserations to those who finished the 18 lap race but got nothing for it.

#238 has once again demonstrated his ability to make it matter when it counts and although he somehow still hasn't won a 2 Litre title, it's the variety of these Worlds wins that really matter, with back-to-back successes in both the biggest and smallest cars used in the league.

The Figure 8 World Final was the ninth qualifier for the Champion of Champions meeting at the end of the season. As this meeting marks the end of the Figure 8 Championship for the season, the Figure 8 Points Champion also qualifies for the CoC Meeting. The lucky persons who qualified will be revealed below the results... 8-)

Here are the results from the other races that took place on Friday, which were all non-points. Well done to all the winners:

Heat 1: Kane, Cap, Michal, Brett, Bokito, Pennywise, Splat, Hammertime
Heat 2: Kane, Nova, Miniman, Jam, Cap, Michal, Bokito, Jon, Youngy, Splat
Heat 3: Nova, Cap, Kane, Pepino, Hammertime, Pennywise, Michal, Brett, Bokito, Splat, Looney
Heat 4: Nova, Kane, Jam, Cap, Michal, Brett, Splat
Heat 5: Kane, Nova, Jam, Michal, Brett, Bokito, Aaron, Youngy
Heat 6: Cap, Michal, Kane, Youngy, Splat

Final: Kane, Cap, Youngy, Nova, Jam, Jon

Allcomers: Kane, Nova, Michal, Jam, Cap, Aaron, Jon

DD: Aaron

The Champion of Champions qualifier from the Figure 8 World Final meeting is the winner of the Unlimited World Final.

Kane won the Figure 8 World Final, but had already qualified for the Champion of Champions meeting through the World Cup meeting. Per the rules, this means the qualifier from the Figure 8 World Final is the next best non-qualified driver, so the Figure 8 World Final qualifier is...

47 Michal

Michal's place on the CoC grid is the OUTSIDE of the SEVENTH ROW.

As this is the last meeting of the Figure 8 Championship, the Figure 8 Points Champion also qualifies. As the top 2 drivers in the Figure 8 Points Table have already qualified, therefore the Figure 8 Points Champion qualifier is...

616 Jam

Jam's place on the CoC grid is the INSIDE of the FIRST ROW.

A pair of surprise qualifiers but by no means undeserved. Czech driver Michal has rapidly improved since his debut at the 2 Litre World Final, and achieved his place in December's season closer with his third consecutive World Final fifth place as all the drivers ahead of him had already qualified for the Birmingham meeting. His more experienced friend Jam qualified through the points table in third after both Cap and Looney had already made it to the CoC; in fact, because of Jam's position in the table with the also already-qualified Rik and Nova the only drivers behind him that could catch him, he had qualified before the meeting even started!

So, just to reminder you:


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