Figure 8 Challenge Results

The ninth and second complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Figure 8 Challenge Results

Postby Jon#606 » Sat 26 Nov 2016, 12:05 am

16 drivers attended the first Figure 8 Challenge hosted at Buxton Figure 8. I have to apologise for the repeated starts to a number of heats tonight; this was due to a significant number of first bend hits causing big lag impacts alongside the grid being too close together for the first five heats. The grid was edited to end these issues. Buxton provided a great track for hits although its kerbs yet again ruined far too many races. As mentioned in previous meeting writeups, Buxton will be looked at for next season to see how to fix it as it is incredibly irritating.

With the meeting being non-points, there were a large variety of winners with eight in total over the 10 races held. It was Pepino who came out on top in the Figure 8 Challenge final, sneaking past Cap who had failed to put enough fuel in and ran out on the last bend of the race! :lol: :oops: The 2 Litre World Champion also won the last heat with European champion Nova also winning a heat and the other allcomers. Lukey, Cap, Michal and Miniman shared the remaining four heats between them while Splat won the first allcomers and Pennywise was victorious in the DD for the second week in a row, defeating Looney to win.

All races were non-points.

Heat 1: Lukey, Nova, Pepino, Mr. T-Bone, Rik, Splat, Hammertime
Heat 2: Cap, Lukey, Luke, Splat, Looney
Heat 3: Michal, Miniman, Mr. T-Bone, Cap, Jon, Jam, RIk
Heat 4: Miniman, Cap, Bokito, Splat, Lukey, Mr. T-Bone, Rik, Pepino
Heat 5: Nova, Cap, Michal, Lukey, Pepino, Looney, Mr. T-Bone, Jam, Rik
Heat 6: Pepino, Nova, Cap, Miniman, Jam, Splat, Lukey, Jon

Final: Pepino, Nova, Cap, Splat, Jam, Rik, Looney

Allcomers 1: Splat, Cap, Looney, Jon, Pepino, Miniman, Luke, Nova, Pennywise
Allcomers 2: Nova, Michal, Cap, Miniman, Pennywise, Jon, Splat, Looney

DD: Pennywise

The Winners Chart will be edited and posted up later on Saturday.

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