1400s Trophy Results

The ninth and second complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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1400s Trophy Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 09 Dec 2016, 11:58 pm

Sixteen drivers turned out for the debut of Aberdeenshire's Crimond track, created by 76 Timmy, in the league with the 1400s Trophy. The small tight circuit was perfect for the little cars, as they provided some great racing and crashing action; the UF1's low centre of gravity meant there were many finishers across all races, with the lowest number 9.

Nova won the meeting with four wins: three heats and the last allcomers. The current European champion announced during the night that his defence of his title next week will be his final LFS Bangers meeting, which will end a quite impressive career on here. Southwesterners Looney & Lukey shared two heats each while Czech driver Michal scored the first two allcomers wins. Splat took the meeting's final in what was his first race of the night, Jam picked up the other heat win while #228's attempted elimination of all Team Klepdeksel's members in the DD failed at the last driver as Pennywise picked up another DD victory as Splat's clutch died, with this celebrated by a shot at the end from the Dutchman that rolled both himself AND the West Country Wreckers man! :lol:

All races were non-points.

Heat 1: Jam, Looney, Nova, Lukey, Michal, Cap, Miniman, Rik, Mr. T-Bone, Jon, Hammertime
Heat 2: Nova, MIniman, Looney, Pennywise, Rik, Bokito, Cap, Mr. T-Bone, Aaron, Jam, Hammertime, Michal, Lukey
Heat 3: Looney, Jam, Mr. T-Bone, Pennywise, Miniman, Bokito, Hammertime, Nova, Rik, Cap
Heat 4: Looney, Rik, Pennywise, Michal, Cap, Miniman, Nova, Jam, Mr. T-Bone, Hammertime, Jon
Heat 5: Nova, Rik, Looney, Jam, Lukey, Miniman, Pennywise, Michal, Hammertime, Cap, Mr. T-Bone, Jon
Heat 6: Lukey, Nova, Rik, Cap, Pennywise, Jam, Bokito, Hammertime, Looney, Mr. T-Bone, Jon, Michal
Heat 7: Nova, Pennywise, Looney, Jam, Cap, Miniman, Hammertime, Lukey, Rik
Heat 8: Lukey, Nova, Rik, Pennywise, Looney, Jam, Cap, Michal, Hammertime, Jon, Bokito, Mr. T-Bone, Miniman

Final: Splat, Cap, Nova, Miniman, Looney, Mr. T-Bone, Jam, Michal, Lukey, Bokito

Allcomers 1: Michal, Nova, Jam, Cap, Lukey, Miniman, Rik, Splat, DarkMetalTim, Mr. T-Bone, Pennywise, Looney, Bokito
Allcomers 2: Michal, Jam, Nova, Cap, Bokito, Splat, Rik, Looney, Lukey, Jon, Hammertime, Mr. T-Bone, Pennywise
Allcomers 3: Nova, Bokito, Cap, Michal, Jam, DarkMetalTim, Mr. T-Bone, Splat, Looney, Pennywise, Hammertime, Jon

DD: Pennywise

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