Christmas Fun Meet Results

The ninth and second complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Christmas Fun Meet Results

Postby Jon#606 » Mon 26 Dec 2016, 10:48 am

Please accept my apologies for not getting these up sooner; with the ban situation on Friday, I didn't feel in the right state of mind to post up the results, and I had more important things to do over the weekend! :lol:

Anyway, seventeen drivers attended this year's Christmas Fun Meeting and as with last year there were 10 events in total. Unfortunately due to computer issues I cannot provide replays of the races this year so you'll just have to make do with the results.

RIngwood Ramp Race
As with last year, the deadly home straight ramp ruined nearly everyone's races, causing a pile-up on the first bend.

Only two drivers finished the race: Splat, who won, and Luke who was 3 laps behind.

All Car Dirt Bangers at Fern Bay
For those who don't know why this race was held: many years ago, myself and Daz 815 planned to run a LFS Dirt Bangers league using this track but after one test meeting decided it wasn't suitable. I always run this race to commemorate what could have been, but with an obvious tweak ;) The result was:

Rik (FZ5), DarkMetalTIm (RB4), Miniman (XFG), Pennywise (XFR), Derohk (FXR), Pepino (XFG), Cap (LX4), Bokito (FXR), Looney (FZ5), Splat (FXR)

Crimond Micros Race
With the success of the 1400s Trophy meeting three weeks ago, this race was held as a taster for those who missed it just to demonstrate how good a combination the UF1s and Timmy 76's Crimond layout are. The result was:

Cap, MIchal, Miniman, Looney, Simo, Bokito, Splat, Spook, DarkMetalTIm, Rik, Pennywise, Jon, Derohk, Pepino

The South City Death Rally
This was held on a layout I made a few months back for [TC] Events' LFS Fun Nights and proved to be great fun; so much so that a second unscheduled race was held! Only the results from the scheduled race are below:

Pepino (XRT), Michal (RB4), Derohk (XRT), Miniman (RB4), Looney (RB4), Rik (XRT), Bokito (RB4), DarkMetalTim (RB4), Jon (XRT)

RAC FIgure 8 Race
These dastardly mid-engined rear wheel drive convertibles were as chaotic as ever on the Wimbledon Figure 8, with not many being able to control them! The result was:

Miniman, Pepino, Cap, Simo, Looney, Splat, Bokito, DarkMetalTim, RIk, Michal, Jon

GTR Bangers at the NZ Oval
The NZ Oval made by Pepino was intended to be used for the Best Buds meetings but as it is way too big, it remained unused until now. The GTRs' power were used to offset the track size and they delivered some huge hits too! The result was:

Rik, Simo, Miniman, DarkMetalTIm, Michal

Reliant Robins at Yarmouth
Once again, these were great fun. Yarmouth's posts helped a lot too; after last year's promise of something happening with these this year, I can guarantee these will have at least something more rewarding in 2017! ;) The result was:

Miniman, MIchal, Cap, Bokito, RIk, Splat, Derohk

Westhill Unlims Double 8 Ramp Race
As chaotic as it was last year; I should have put some walls in front of the ramps as many drivers got stuck under them and required "assistance" to get out (namely increasing the ramp height!) Just three drivers finished, but well done to everyone who at least completed a lap:

MIchal, Rik, Looney

MRT Car Park Race
The under-usage of the Car Park this year led to an unscheduled second MRT race and a 2 Litres race being held afterwards as the track is still held in high regard despite it being made redundant due to the new "real life" track; given how popular it still is, it shouldn't be neglected next year. As is usual for the no-reverse karts, there were stranded cars aplenty and again only three drivers managed to finish:

Cap, Looney, Rik

All Car DD on South City
Ten drivers remained by this stage and the DD went the distance; only two cars were left at the 30 minute mark.

Splat & Miniman, both in XRGs, had removed everyone else except themselves and with neither of them looking like they'd be rolled, the DD was declared with them still going.

Congratulations to everyone who attended and made this meeting great again; your presence did not go unnoticed! :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D

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