2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

The ninth and second complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Tue 19 Apr 2016, 7:14 pm

Round 1: Wimbledon
An incredible 24 drivers appeared for the first round of the 2016 running of the Banger World Series on 26th February at the traditional starting venue of Wimbledon. Foster's version of the famous London stadium proved amazing as big hits and close racing dominated the meeting. However, there were a large number of incidents in the evening that will require disciplinary action, which tarnished it a bit.

It was a case of "less is more" as Miniman scored in only five races but finished second or better in all of them, including two heat wins, an allcomers win and a key final win to be crowned the Wimbledon BWS champion. Jake C. could have challenged the Dutchman for the crown, winning two heats of his own, but a failure to finish inside the Top 5 in the final scuppered his chances of victory. European champion Nova won a heat and an allcomers, with reigning BWS champion Rik, triple title holder Foster and current grades point leader Nay all winning a heat each. Splat succeeded yet again in the DD, although this time it was in hilarious circumstances as Cap rolled himself at exactly the same time Jam was rolled by #228.

Top 10 scored in heats and Top 5 scored in the final. 10 points went to the winning driver in the DD.

Heat 1: Miniman, Jake C., Nova, Dumbo #649, Gildo, Pepino, DarkMetalTim, Rik, Mr. T-Bone, Jake W., Looney, Luke, Jon, Nay, Brett, Splat
Heat 2: Miniman, Jake C., Rik, Alex, Looney, Cap, Gildo, Jam, Dumbo #649, Jake W., Ellis, Luke, DarkMetalTim, Nay
Heat 3: Foster, Looney, Alex, Jordan N., Cap, Splat, Nova, Jam, DarkMetalTim, Gildo, Jake W., Jon, Chunk, Nay
Heat 4: Nova, Brett, Nay, Looney, Gildo, Jake C., Cap, Jake W., Jam, Foster, Chunk
Heat 5: Rik, Foster, Jam, Looney, Jake W., Splat, Nova, Gildo, Jon, Jake C., Chunk
Heat 6: Jake C., Cap, Nova, Splat, Jam, Nay, Gildo, Jon, Brett, Foster
Heat 7: Jake C., Miniman, Alex, Rik, Nova, Cap, Looney, Dumbo #649, Gildo, Nay, Jake W., Chunk, Luke
Heat 8: Nay, Miniman, Looney, Dumbo #649, Chunk, Nova, Gildo, Jordan N., Jon, Foster, Cap, Jam, Brett

Final: Miniman, Rik, Nay, Looney, Cap, Nova, Brett, Jake C., Chunk, Alex, Splat, Jake W., Jam

Allcomers 1: Miniman, Nay, Cap, Jam, Dumbo #649, Foster, Gildo, Jon, Brett, Jake W., Chunk, Rik
Allcomers 2: Nova, Jake W., Jam, Gildo, Cap, Brett, Looney, Splat, Nay

DD: Splat

1st: Miniman - 58 points
2nd: Looney - 49 points
3rd: Nova - 45 points
4th=: Jake C., Rik - 44 points
6th: Nay - 36 points
7th: Cap - 33 points
8th: Gildo - 30 points
9th: Splat - 27 points
10th: Alex - 23 points
11th=: Foster, Jam - 22 points
13th: Dumbo #649 - 19 points
14th=: Brett, Jake W. - 11 points
16th: Jordan N. - 10 points
17th: Jon - 7 points
18th=: Chunk, DarkMetalTim - 6 points
20th: Pepino - 5 points
21st: Mr. T-Bone - 2 points
22nd=: Ellis, Joey, Luke - 0 points

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Re: 2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Tue 19 Apr 2016, 11:13 pm

Round 2: Birmingham
There was a low number of just 12 drivers for the second round of the Banger World Series on 25th March but this didn't mean it was a poor evening. Birmingham, with its unusual banked track and nasty kerbs, was a fine venue and a great addition to the league. After making his rookies debut a few weeks ago, 358 Taddy made the big step up to the full-contact formula and did not fail to impress by winning a heat on debut! It was a more than deserved performance for the real-life karter and it surely sets him up for greater things in LFS Bangers.

The night however belonged to reigning Banger World Series champion 997 Rik in one of the most dominant meeting displays seen in a long time. Rik won all but one race that he finished, the other being a frankly pathetic third place. This resulted in a phenomenal haul of six heats, the final and two allcomers: nine victories in total and a monstrous 88 points to go along with them. If Rik puts performances like this in on a regular basis, he will certainly be challenging for more titles in the future. Jam got his first ever LFS Bangers win as well with a heat win while Cap took the DD.

Top 10 scored points in all heats and the top 5 scored points in the final. Allcomers were non-points. 10 points went to the winner of the DD.

Heat 1: Rik, Mr. T-Bone, Looney, Cap, Jon, Taddy, Reizenderam, Chunk, Dumbo #649
Heat 2: Rik, Jam, Looney, Cap, Chunk, Mr. T-Bone, Dumbo #649
Heat 3: Rik, Looney, Jam, Dumbo #649, Cap, Jon, Chunk, Taddy
Heat 4: Taddy, Looney, Mr. T-Bone, Cap, Jam, Dumbo #649, Reizenderam, Chunk
Heat 5: Rik, Jam, Mr. T-Bone, Taddy, Reizenderam, Cap, Ellis, Chunk, Jon, Looney
Heat 6: Jam, Cap, Rik, Looney, Dumbo #649, Jon, Mr. T-Bone, Taddy, Chunk
Heat 7: Rik, Mr. T-Bone, Taddy, Jam, Looney
Heat 8: Rik, Taddy, Looney, Jam, Dumbo #649, Mr. T-Bone, Cap, Jon, Chunk

Final: Rik, Taddy, Cap, Jam, Looney, Mr. T-Bone, Dumbo #649, Jon, Chunk

Allcomers 1: Rik, Jam, Cap, Mr. T-Bone, Jon, Chunk, Looney
Allcomers 2: Rik, Dumbo #649, Cap, Chunk, Taddy, Jam, Jon, Looney

DD: Cap

1st: Rik - 88 points
2nd: Cap - 67 points
3rd: Jam - 64 points
4th: Taddy - 61 points
5th: Looney - 60 points
6th: Mr. T-Bone - 48 points
7th: Dumbo #649 - 30 points
8th: Chunk - 23 points
9th: Jon - 21 points
10th: Reizenderam - 14 points
11th: Ellis - 4 points
12th: Miniman - 0 points

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Re: 2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Tue 03 May 2016, 11:12 pm

Round 3: Yarmouth
What turned out to be the longest LFS Bangers meeting in history (see the reason for that here) resulted in an overall showing of 24 drivers, the second time it's happened in the BWS this season. Yarmouth's posts provided ample destruction on both nights of the meeting while there was some great racing as well. 13 Jack made a return to LFS Bangers after a 3 month absence, with his last meeting being Civil War VII.

In a change from the original plan, the meeting was continued from Heat 4 onwards on Tuesday evening. I had realised after making the announcement regarding the meeting's cancellation that rerunning the entirety of the meeting would be unfair on those who had raced on Friday but could not make it this evening. I apologise to the Friday-only drivers for making such a stupid decision in the first place.

In similar fashion to the last round, one driver completely obliterated the rest of the field as Unlimited World Champion 238 Kane finally made his BWS bow this season after missing the first two rounds. In inimitable fashion, he more than made up for his absence with six heat wins, two additional top 5 finishes in the heats and third in the final, alongside an allcomers victory. Foster won the final along with a heat victory while reigning BWS champion Rik scored yet another heat win. Cap and Jake W. both won an allcomers each with Looney edging out Macca to record his second DD victory of the year.

Top 10 scored points in all heats and the top 5 scored points in the final. Allcomers were non-points. 10 points went to the winner of the DD.

Heat 1: Kane, Ryano, RIk, Mr. T-Bone, Nay, Jam, Looney, Cap, Gildo, Macca, Splat, Aaron, Jake W.
Heat 2: Rik, Looney, Ryano, Jam, Kane, Nay, Mr. T-Bone, Gildo, Jon, Jake W., Cap
Heat 3: Kane, Rik, Gildo, Jam, Ryano, Manhire, Cap, Splat, Jon, Jake W., Macca
Heat 4: Kane, Looney, Ellis, Jack, Jake W., Macca, Cap, Hamster, Jam, Jon
Heat 5: Kane, Ellis, Jack, Looney, Cap, Charlie, Jam, Hamster
Heat 6: Kane, Charlie, Looney, Cap, Jack, Foster, Jake W., Jam
Heat 7: Foster, Kane, Ellis, Cap, Jordan N., Jam, Jake W., Aaron, Jon, Macca
Heat 8: Kane, Foster, Hamster, Jake W., Jordan N., Looney, Jam, Aaron

Final: Foster, Looney, Kane, Charlie, Jake W., Jon, Hamster, Jordan N., Jam

Allcomers 1: Cap, Jack, Jake W., Foster, Charlie, Jam, Brett, Looney, Jordan N.
Allcomers 2: Jake W., Kane, Charlie, Dumbo #649, Jordan N., Cap
Allcomers 3: Kane, Dumbo #649, Cap, Manhire, Brett, Macca, Jam, Jon

DD: Looney

1st: Kane - 87 points
2nd: Looney - 68 points
3rd: Foster - 44 points
4th: Jam - 37 points
5th: Cap - 31 points
6th=: Jake W., Rik - 27 points
8th: Ellis - 25 points
9th: Ryano - 23 points
10th: Charlie - 22 points
11th: Jack - 21 points
12th: Hamster - 14 points
13th: Gildo - 13 points
14th: Jordan N. - 12 points
15th=: Mr. T-Bone, Nay - 11 points
17th: Jon, Macca - 7 points
19th: Aaron - 6 points
20th: Manhire - 5 points
21st: Splat - 3 points
22nd=: Brett, Dumbo #649, Joey - 0 points

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Re: 2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 27 May 2016, 11:19 pm

Round 4: Buxton
For the second time in consecutive weeks there was a low number of drivers as just ten turned up to battle in the fourth round of the Banger World Series at Buxton. However, the low numbers did not mean a low amount of action as the track's notoriously tight bends trapped and ruined many drivers on the night. It was great to see Scotsman 349 Garry make his return to LFS Bangers after a 9 month absence.

In what has to be the most dominant performance in the history of LFS Bangers, Kane managed to more than wipe out the disadvantage of the two rounds he missed at the start of the BWS by with 5 heat wins, 3 heat second places, taking the final and also the DD to end up with a mind-blowing haul of 107 points. Looney managed to extend his lead at the top of the BWS points table with three heat wins of his own. Cap secured third place with a second in the heat and five third places, including one in the final. Brett was the best of the rest after his second in Heat 5 and a fourth in the final.

Top 10 scored points in all heats and the top 5 scored points in the final. 10 points went to the winner of the DD.

Heat 1: Kane, Looney, Jordan N., Cap, Mr. T-Bone, Manhire, Garry, Aaron, Jon, Brett
Heat 2: Looney, Kane, Cap, Mr. T-Bone, Garry, Brett
Heat 3: Kane, Jordan N., Mr. T-Bone, Looney, Cap, Aaron, Garry
Heat 4: Kane, Cap, Garry, Aaron, Brett, Looney, Jon, Manhire
Heat 5: Kane, Brett, Cap, Looney, Aaron, Jon
Heat 6: Kane, Looney, Cap, Manhire, Garry, Jon, Aaron, Brett
Heat 7: Looney, Kane, Manhire, Cap, Jon, Aaron, Brett
Heat 8: Looney, Kane, Cap, Manhire, Jon, Aaron, Brett

Final: Kane, Looney, Cap, Brett, Jon, Manhire, Aaron

DD: Kane

1st: Kane - 107 points
2nd: Looney - 83 points
3rd: Cap - 73 points
4th: Brett - 40 points
5th: Aaron - 35 points
6th: Jon - 32 points
7th: Manhire - 30 points
8th: Garry - 28 points
9th: Mr. T-Bone - 21 points
10th: Jordan N. - 17 points

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Re: 2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 24 Jun 2016, 11:46 pm

Round 5: Hednesford
Thirteen drivers turned up for the fifth round of the Banger World Series at the fast-flowing Hednesford circuit. There was a good amount of action despite the terrible moment at the end of the heats where two drivers were banned (see HERE for further information).

The reigning Banger World Series champion picked up his second win of the season as Rik added to his Birmingham victory in Round 2 with another impressive performance as he took three heats, the final and the DD at the Hills to end up on a very round 100 points. Youngy and Jam took two heats each with Looney taking the remaining heat, for his fourth second place from 5 BWS events this season, and Pepino was the winner of the sole allcomers that was held.

Top 10 scored points in all heats and the top 5 scored points in the final. 10 points went to the winner of the DD.

Heat 1: Rik, Youngy, Looney, Jam, Jordan N., Cap, DarkMetalTim, Jon, Mr. T-Bone, Splat, Aaron
Heat 2: Youngy, Rik, Jordan N., Jon, Looney, Cap, Jam, Ellis, Aaron, Splat, DarkMetalTim
Heat 3: Youngy, Rik, Cap, Looney, DarkMetalTim, Jam, Jordan N., Ellis, Aaron, Splat, Jon
Heat 4: Looney, Youngy, Rik, Cap, Jam, Ellis, Splat
Heat 5: Jam, Youngy, Rik, Cap, Looney, Ellis, DarkMetalTim, Aaron, Splat, Jon, Jordan N.
Heat 6: Jam, Looney, Cap, Youngy, Rik, Ellis, Splat, Aaron, Jon
Heat 7: Rik, Youngy, Cap, Jam, Looney, Splat, Aaron, DarkMetalTim, Jon, Jordan N.
Heat 8: Rik, Cap, Jam, DarkMetalTim, Aaron, Looney, Splat, Jon

Final: Rik, Youngy, Looney, Cap, DarkMetalTim, Jam, Aaron, Jon

Allcomers: Pepino, Rik, Youngy, Jam, Cap, Splat, Aaron, DarkMetalTim, Jon

DD: Rik

1st: Rik - 100 points
2nd: Looney - 85 points
3rd: Cap - 65 points
4th: Youngy - 63 points
5th: Jam - 57 points
6th: DarkMetalTim - 28 points
7th: Splat - 22 points
8th: Ellis - 21 points
9th: Aaron - 20 points
10th: Jordan N. - 19 points
11th: Jon - 18 points
12th: Mr. T-Bone - 2 points
13th: Pepino - 0 points

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Re: 2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 22 Jul 2016, 11:23 pm

Round 6: Taunton
Fourteen drivers appeared at the first points meeting held at the tight south western Taunton oval for the sixth round of the Banger World Series. The narrow bends caused many a pile up but also had some very good racing. I apologise for what happened in the first heat; unknown to myself, the checkpoint on the back straight wasn't far enough back, resulting in some drivers unintentionally gaining an advantage by starting behind it. Once this was pointed out, it was immediately fixed. The result for the heat will stand.

Kane made it three BWS wins this season with a clinical meeting; although he only won one race in the meeting, that was the double points final, and he combined that with four heat seconds and three other top 5 finishes to score a very good 81 points. Reigning BWS champion Rik only won the first heat but never finished outside of the top 5 when he finished a race to end up second with 61. Looney took two heats to take his season's tally to an amazing 400 points with Sam also taking two heats and the allcomers to end up fourth, which is more than impressive given he only started the meeting from heat 4, while Pepino won two heats of his own to round out the top 5. Nova also picked up a heat win while Splat got back to his winning ways in the DD by taking out #960 to gain victory.

Top 10 scored points in all heats and the top 5 scored points in the final. An allcomers was run at the request of the drivers. 10 points went to the winner of the DD.

Heat 1: Rik, Kane, Foster, Nova, Looney, Jam, Youngy, Hammertime, Aaron, Splat, Cap
Heat 2: Pepino, Foster, Rik, Nova, Looney, Kane, Youngy, Hammertime, Cap, Jon, Jam, Splat
Heat 3: Looney, Foster, Pepino, Kane, Nova, Youngy, Cap, Jon, Aaron, Splat
Heat 4: Looney, Kane, Cap, Nova, Aaron, Splat, Sam
Heat 5: Nova, Youngy, Rik, Kane, Looney, Sam, Pepino, Jam, Cap, Splat, Hammertime
Heat 6: Pepino, Rik, Sam, Looney, Kane, Nova, Hammertime, Cap, Jon, Jam, Splat, Aaron
Heat 7: Sam, Kane, Pepino, Youngy, Rik, Jam, Cap, Hammertime, Aaron, Splat, Jon
Heat 8: Sam, Kane, Rik, Pepino, Looney, Youngy, Nova, Hammertime, Jon, Aaron, Jam, Splat

Final: Kane, Sam, Rik, Cap, Looney, Aaron, Jon, Splat

Allcomers: Sam, Nova, Rik, Pepino, Kane, Looney, Aaron, Jon, Cap

DD: Splat

1st: Kane - 81 points
2nd: Rik - 61 points
3rd: Looney - 55 points
4th: Sam - 53 points
5th: Pepino - 47 points
6th: Nova - 46 points
7th: Youngy - 34 points
8th: Cap - 31 points
9th: Foster - 26 points
10th: Splat - 19 points
11th: Hammertime - 16 points
12th: Jam - 14 points
13th: Aaron - 13 points
14th: Jon - 8 points

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Re: 2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 26 Aug 2016, 11:16 pm

Round 7: Swaffham
A slightly lower thirteen drivers turned up for the seventh fixture of the Banger World Series at Swaffham. Its posts caused many drivers to have their races ruined, although there was an incident late on in the meeting involving the barriers which turned sour and did drag down the night a bit.

Reigning 2 Litre World and Points Champion Foster scored what has now become a rare meeting win, owing to his absence from a large proportion of this season's meetings. The MNR member showed no loss of ability as he took 5 heats, 3 consecutive, and the final to score 90 points in only his second BWS meeting of the year. Team Bandicoot's Pepino managed two heat wins alongside three second places to finish second on 69 points while another Bandicoot member in DarkMetalTim recorded another heat win on what is becoming a long list of victories! ;) Lukey, competing in his first BWS meeting of the year, won the first allcomers while Nova won a marathon second allcomers which saw nearly everyone rolled and was only finished after SEVEN AND A HALF MINUTES! :shock: It was a third success for Bandicoot in the DD as Miniman succeeded in bizarre fashion after Lukey attempted to hit him against the barrier but caught his Dutch opponent in such a way he threw himself over the barrier instead! :lol:

With current points leader Looney absent on the night, reigning BWS champion Rik and Cap did not really take full opportunity to close the gap, with the Dutchman one of three drivers to finish on 42 points and the Riot Squad man only 2 points better off; 870's lead is now 38 points going into the last BWS qualifying round of the season from Ringwood in a month's time.

Top 10 scored points in all heats and the top 5 scored points in the final. An allcomers was run at the request of the drivers. 10 points went to the winner of the DD.

Heat 1: Foster, Pepino, Lukey, Miniman, Rik, DarkMetalTim, Cap, Aaron, Splat
Heat 2: DarkMetalTim, Pepino, Foster, Rik, Nova, Miniman, Jon, Hammertime, Lukey, Cap, Splat, Aaron, Zotez
Heat 3: Pepino, Lukey, Nova, Miniman, DarkMetalTim, Foster, Rik, Cap, Aaron, Splat
Heat 4: Foster, Rik, Lukey, Pepino, Miniman, Nova, Cap, Splat, Aaron, DarkMetalTim
Heat 5: Pepino, Lukey, Nova, Foster, Cap, Miniman, DarkMetalTim, Aaron, Splat
Heat 6: Foster, Miniman, Pepino, Nova, Hammertime, Splat, Cap, Aaron, Lukey
Heat 7: Foster, Rik, Nova, Pepino, Miniman, Aaron, Cap, DarkMetalTim, Splat, Lukey, Jon
Heat 8: Foster, Pepino, Nova, Rik, Cap, DarkMetalTim, Aaron, Lukey, Hammertime, Splat

Final: Foster, Nova, Cap, DarkMetalTim, Jon

Allcomers 1: Lukey, Nova, DarkMetalTim, Aaron, Foster
Allcomers 2: Nova, Hammertime, Jon, DarkMetalTim

DD: Miniman

1st: Foster - 90 points
2nd: Pepino - 69 points
3rd: Nova - 66 points
4th: Miniman - 55 points
5th: Cap - 44 points
6th=: DarkMetalTim, Lukey, Rik - 42 points
9th: Aaron - 22 points
10th: Splat - 16 points
11th: Hammertime - 11 points
12th: Jon - 8 points
13th: Zotez - 0 points

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Re: 2016 Banger World Series Results & Points

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 30 Sep 2016, 11:44 pm

Round 8: Ringwood
A minor improvement of fourteen drivers appeared for the eighth and final fixture of the Banger World Series at Ringwood. There were a number of lag incidents in the meeting which negated the good night's action, which saw a phenomenal final alongside a number of big shots; one heat was so damaging only five cars finished! Please make sure your connection is stable before racing, and if you cannot stabilise your connection, please stop racing so it does not ruin other drivers' enjoyment.

With that out of the way, it was the recently dethroned 2 Litre World Champion Foster who gained some revenge for his loss with his second Banger World Series victory of the season, having also taken the last round at Swaffham. 307 won 4 heats and also picked up a third in the final alongside a second and a third in the heats to score 74 points and secure a 5th place grid position for the BWS Championship race next month. Current BWS points leader Looney strengthened his grip of the top spot with a heat win, a vital final victory and a tied DD alongside Brett. The new 2 Litre World Champion Pepino, Looney's only challenger for the points title Cap and Jam also picked up heat wins. It was an unlucky BWS debut for the rapidly improving Czech driver Michal who missed out on qualifying directly by just ONE POINT!

Although the BWS Points Champion Champion of Champions place was scheduled to be awarded after the BWS Championship next month, our qualifier was decided tonight. The lucky person who qualified will be revealed below the results... 8-)

Top 10 scored points in all heats and the top 5 scored points in the final. 4 points each went to the survivors of the DD.

Heat 1: Foster, Looney, Cap, Pepino, DarkMetalTim, Jam, Bokito, Splat, Jon, Luke, Michal, Brett
Heat 2: Foster, Michal, Cap, Pennywise, Pepino, Jam, Joshua, Looney, Jon, Bokito, Luke, DarkMetalTim
Heat 3: Jam, Foster, Pepino, Joshua, Cap, Looney, Jon, Pennywise, Splat, Luke
Heat 4: Looney, Michal, Splat, Pepino, Jam, Pennywise, Bokito, Jon, Cap, DarkMetalTim, Luke, Brett
Heat 5: Pepino, Looney, Splat, Cap, Michal, Foster, Jon, Luke
Heat 6: Foster, Cap, Splat, Jam, Pepino, Jon, Luke, Brett
Heat 7: Foster, Joshua, Cap, Looney, Michal, Bokito, Jam, Jon, Splat, Luke, Brett
Heat 8: Cap, Splat, Foster, Luke, Joshua

Final: Looney, Michal, Foster, Splat, Cap, Jon, Jam, Bokito

DD: Tie between Brett & Looney - declared after 30 minutes.

1st: Foster - 74 points
2nd: Looney - 67 points
3rd: Cap - 62 points
4th: Splat - 48 points
5th: Michal - 46 points
6th: Pepino - 44 points
7th: Jam - 37 points
8th: Joshua - 26 points
9th: Jon - 23 points
10th: Luke - 17 points
11th: Pennywise - 15 points
12th: Bokito - 14 points
13th=: Brett, DarkMetalTim - 7 points

The Champion of Champions qualifier from the Banger World Series points table is the first placed driver after all rounds have been completed. With the gap between 1st and 2nd being 61 points and only 30 points maximum left in the BWS season, our qualifier has already been decided.

Therefore, the Banger World Series Points Champion of Champions qualifier is...

870 Looney

Looney's place on the CoC grid is the OUTSIDE of the FOURTH ROW.

The ever-popular south west driver claims a LFS Bangers title for the first time as Looney is crowned the Banger World Series Points Champion. This is all the more surprising as he failed to win a single BWS round all season, but crucially finished in the top 3 in all but 1 round he entered. For next season's Banger World Series, Looney can wear a PLATINUM ROOF when competing in this championship.


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