Unlimited Best Buds 2016 Results

The ninth and second complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Unlimited Best Buds 2016 Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 09 Sep 2016, 11:55 pm

First of all, let me apologise for the mess that preceded tonight's meeting.

It has become clear that despite wanting to try something different with Pepino's NZ Oval, it is not favoured by the league's drivers as it has been changed in every single version of the Best Buds meetings this year. Therefore, this layout will no longer be used in standard league meetings. Autocross Warneton was selected as its replacement and because of this, the starting grid had to be adjusted to accommodate the larger size cars which did hold up the start of the meeting quite a bit.

Regardless of this, we had 19 drivers in attendance for the meeting, which resulted in 9 pairs; 212 Bokito was the odd driver out and was allowed to race on the condition his results would not be included in the final standings. There were a number of disciplinary breaches which will have to be punished; something I detest having to do.

The eighteen competing drivers were as follows:

606 Jon
27 Cap

779 Luke
919 Macca

167 Fluffy
22 Ryu

870 Looney
228 Splat

474 Miniman
669 DarkMetalTim

997 Rik
960 Pepino

307 Foster
616 Jam

649 Dumbo
786 Brett

220 Nova
66 Hammertime

Although it looked like one pairing were going to walk it in the early stages, a remarkable set of consecutive points finishes for one pair put them right to the top and produced another remarkable Best Buds outcome...

Top 6 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. Drivers in italics finished but did not score points. 5 points went to the winning pair in the DD.

RS = Riot Squad
TP = The Predators
FR = F A R
WC = West Country Wreckers
TB = Team Bandicoot
BG = Bandicoot Green
FJ = The Foster Jam
DB = Dumbo Boys
NH = Nova Hammer

Heat 1: FJ307 Foster, BG960 Pepino, TB669 DarkMetalTim, BG997 Rik, FR22 Ryu, NH220 Nova, TB474 Miniman, FJ616 Jam, NH66 Hammertime, WC228 Splat, TP919 Macca, FR167 Fluffy, WC870 Looney, DB786 Brett, RS606 Jon
Heat 2: BG960 Pepino, BG997 Rik, NH220 Nova, FR22 Ryu, TB669 DarkMetalTim, RS27 Cap, WC870 Looney, RS606 Jon, FR167 Fluffy, WC228 Splat, FJ616 Jam, DB786 Brett
Heat 3: TB474 Miniman, BG960 Pepino, FJ616 Jam, NH220 Nova, FR22 Ryu, RS27 Cap, WC228 Splat, TP779 Luke, WC870 Looney, TP919 Macca, TB669 DarkMetalTim, DB786 Brett
Heat 4: FJ307 Foster, TB474 Miniman, NH220 Nova, NH66 Hammertime, DB649 Dumbo, TP919 Macca, RS27 Cap, TP779 Luke, TB669 DarkMetalTim, BG960 Pepino, DB786 Brett, WC870 Looney
Heat 5: NH220 Nova, TB474 Miniman, DB649 Dumbo, BG960 Pepino, NH66 Hammertime, RS27 Cap, FR167 Fluffy, FR22 Ryu, WC228 Splat, TP779 Luke, DB786 Brett
Heat 6: TB474 Miniman, NH220 Nova, RS27 Cap, DB649 Dumbo, NH66 Hammertime, TP919 Macca, TP779 Luke, RS606 Jon, TB669 DarkMetalTim, WC870 Looney

Final: TB474 Miniman, NH220 Nova, DB649 Dumbo, RS27 Cap, BG960 Pepino, TP779 Luke, TB669 DarkMetalTim, WC870 Looney, RS606 Jon, WC228 Splat

Allcomers 1: RS27 Cap, TB474 Miniman, BG960 Pepino, TB669 DarkMetalTim, NH220 Nova, WC870 Looney, FR167 Fluffy, RS606 Jon, WC228 Splat
Allcomers 2: TB474 Miniman, BG960 Pepino, RS27 Cap, FJ616 Jam, FR167 Fluffy, TP919 Macca, TB669 DarkMetalTim, WC228 Splat, WC870 Looney

DD: FR167 Fluffy

1st=: Nova Hammer, Team Bandicoot - 40 points
3rd: Bandicoot Green - 31 points
4th: Dumbo Boys - 17 points
5th: The Foster Jam - 16 points
6th: Riot Squad - 13 points
7th: F A R - 12 points
8th: The Predators - 4 points
9th: West Country Warriors - 0 points

After three heats in the meeting, Rik and Pepino's Bandicoot Green had scored 24 points, with #960 scoring a heat win, and were 12 ahead of their nearest rivals in Bandicoot teammates Miniman and DarkMetalTim flying the standard TB colours. What followed was an incredible turnaround as the green TB only scored 7 more points while #474 put in four consecutive top 2 finishes, including two heat wins, to go joint top, but even this was not the surprise of the night.

Nova and Hammertime, having only partnered each other minutes before the meeting started, had picked up just 9 points from the first three heats, all scored by the current European champion. #66 then provided more than adequate support as Nova Hammer were the only pair in the next three heats to have both drivers finish in the points on every single occasion, with #220 winning a heat, rocketing them up to 32 points and 2 ahead of Team Bandicoot after all the heats were completed.

Miniman then held off Nova to take the final and have both pairs on 40 points. These would be the last points scored in the meeting for both pairs, although the former did record his fourth victory of the meeting in the Allcomers, as the Dutchman then surprisingly lost the DD to F A R's Fluffy, although a bit of lag helped this happen! :lol:

The spread of points below the top 3 was fairly even, with Dumbo #649 recording some good finishes to get himself and Brett as best of the rest winners, Foster picked up two heat wins to put him and Jam in fifth, Cap won the second allcomers but could not get Riot Squad more than 13 points in the heats and after a promising start by Ryu, F A R faded away completely until the aforementioned DD. The Predators had very little impact on the scores while West Country Wreckers had none at all, but both pairs were more focused on doing each other than scoring :P

The battle between Miniman and Nova was so strong they pretty much single-handedly got their pairs to the top, with #474 outscoring #220 by just a single point (34 to 33).

So, without further ado:


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Re: Unlimited Best Buds 2016 Results

Postby Fluffy » Sat 10 Sep 2016, 1:02 am

as the Dutchman then surprisingly lost the DD to F A R's Fluffy,
Surprising? He's steering was krutters.

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