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Postby Jon#606 » Fri 16 Sep 2016, 11:51 pm

The second graded title of 2016 was decided tonight with the showpiece event of the calendar in the 2016 2 Litre World Final. The meeting was at its real-life home of Arena Essex for the first time having been held at Ipswich last year. As always, I apologise for the delay in preparing the World FInal grid but it has to be right, plus the server crash shortly after the World Final which was completely out of our hands. I also wasn't aware of the start not being randomised which caused a certain rodding twosome to dominate three heats in succession following the World Final. ;)

Like the British Championship earlier in the year, some Top 20 ranked drivers did not attend the meeting, but it was a lot better this time around with just 4 absent. There were two reserve drivers and four non-qualified drivers present (although one of them, 987 Uiop, did not compete in the meeting) and it was decided that a LCQ should be ran for the non-qualified drivers as it would not be fair for them to be put at the back of the grid having not competed in a qualifier.

The three drivers who competed in the LCQ were Czech debutant 47 Michal and Dutchmen 312 Mr. T-Bone and 856 Calimero, the latter racing in his first meeting of the season. To say the race was boring is a complete understatement:

Last Chance Qualifier: Michal, Calimero, Mr. T-Bone

A very simple first ever win for Michal as Calimero was nowhere near and Mr. T-Bone was too busy trying to help his teammate win... which was pointless as he qualified anyway.

Consequently, the grid of twenty drivers that contested the 2016 2 Litre World FInal was the following; interestingly, reigning champion 307 Foster did not attend, thereby automatically vacating his 2015 title:

870 Looney - - - - - - - - - 27 Cap
474 Miniman - - - - - - - - 238 Kane
220 Nova - - - - - - - - - - 616 Jam
606 Jon - - - - - - - - - - - 669 DarkMetalTim
200 Youngy - - - - - - - - - 70 Aaron
228 Splat - - - - - - - - - - 997 Rik
786 Brett - - - - - - - - - - 760 Ryano
66 Hammertime- - - - - - 960 Pepino
212 Bokito - - - - - - - - - 380 Pennywise
856 Calimero - - - - - - - 47 Michal

In one of the finest races seen on LFS Bangers, we had a titanic battle at the front that saw as many as six drivers properly in the thick of it. However, it was the sole driver of the six who has never won an individual title that saw all of his dreams come true...

1st: Pepino
2nd: Youngy
3rd: Cap
Other finishers: Rik, Michal, Miniman, Ryano, Pennywise, Nova, Kane, Splat, Looney, DarkMetalTim, Jam

Incredibly, the title went to the driver who started 15th on the grid: Team Bandicoot's German representative Pepino. #960 had a phenomenal battle with Youngy, Kane, Cap, Rik and Nova over the course of the 22 lap epic but was helped by two significant incidents; on lap 10, Kane was controversially squeezed out of the race against the back straight barrier by Pennywise while 6 laps later Nova was taken out of contention by a lag spike involving himself and Jam. From this point on, the lead didn't change as the World title went to a non-British driver for the first time. Youngy sneaked through into second after looking like he'd get nowhere by nudging Rik on lap 21 into some parked cars on the top bend while Cap finished yet another final in the top 3 but only just after #997 got stuck behind Splat on the last bend of the race; it was certainly a night to forget for the current British champion in his aim to steal both of Foster's race titles in one year as he went from 40 points to nothing in just a few laps. It was a good night for Michal though who finished fifth in his first ever championship race. As always, commiserations to the others who finished the 22 lap race but got nothing for it.

In the meeting preview, it was mentioned that Pepino has never really been rated as a driver despite putting in great performances week after week. Well, with this championship victory he's surely more than rated now. Congratulations are certainly in order.

The 2016 2 Litre World Final replay can be found here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/f31icg

After a summer break, the 2 Litre World Final was the sixth qualifier for the Champion of Champions meeting at the end of the season. The lucky person who qualified will be revealed below the results... 8-)

Here are the results from the other races that took place on Friday, which were all non-points. Well done to all the winners:

Heat 1: Kane, Michal, Cap, Pennywise, DarkMetalTim, Youngy, Aaron, Mr. T-Bone, Splat, Rik
Heat 2: Youngy, Nova, Jam, Kane, Cap, Michal, Rik, Aaron, Brett, Mr. T-Bone, Pennywise
Heat 3: Youngy, Nova, Kane, Michal, Cap, Rik, Calimero, Bokito, Mr. T-Bone, Aaron, Pepino, Looney, Brett
Heat 4: Youngy, Nova, Ryano, Pepino, Cap, Rik, Pennywise, Jam, Jon, Mr. T-Bone, Looney, Brett
Heat 5: Kane, Cap, Michal, Nova, Ryano, Youngy, Looney, Aaron, Bokito, Rik, Brett
Heat 6: Cap, Kane, Ryano, Nova, Brett, Pennywise, Jon, Jam, Looney, Aaron, Splat

Final: Rik, Ryano, Brett, Cap, Jon, Kane, Mr. T-Bone, Aaron, Pennywise

Allcomers: Nova, Ryano, Rik, Michal, Jam, Pennywise, Bokito, Aaron, Jon, Mr. T-Bone, Cap, Splat

DD: Splat

The Champion of Champions qualifier from the 2 Litre World Final meeting is the winner of the 2 Litre World Final.

Therefore, the 2 Litre World Final Champion of Champions qualifier is...

960 Pepino

Pepino's place on the CoC grid is the OUTSIDE of the SEVENTH ROW.

An additional bonus for Pepino on top of winning the big one is automatic qualification into the season-closing Champion of Champions race. He certainly more than deserves it.

So, just to reminder you:


The top 3 in the 2016 2 Litre World Final (from L-R: Youngy (2nd), Pepino (1st), Cap (3rd)).

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