Unlimited Best Buds 2017 Results

The tenth and third complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Unlimited Best Buds 2017 Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 08 Sep 2017, 11:10 pm

The last pairs meeting of the season saw 6 duos attend Ipswich for Unlimited Best Buds. Northern Irish twosome 515 Joshua and 911 Cole made their first appearances since May's British Championship, while Scotsman 480 Ryan returned after having not competed since 2016's Metal Mania, which was nearly 18 months ago! The Suffolk circuit provided some good battles and hits across the evening, especially in the FOUR stoxkarts Allcomers!

The only returning driver from last year's champions was 66 Colin, who raced alongside 220 Nova and the Team Bandicoot pairing of 474 Miniman and 669 DarkMetalTim.

The sextet of twosomes were as follows:

606 Jon
27 Cap

616 Jam
47 Michal

515 Joshua
480 Ryan

870 Looney
228 Splat

380 Pennywise
212 Bokito

66 Colin
911 Cole

Although nobody realised at the time (myself included) the winners were decided after the final. However, they were pushed pretty close...

Top 6 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. 5 points went to the winning pair in the DD.

RS = Riot Squad
PM = PiranMoto
TH = The Hoods
WC = West Country Wreckers
TK = Team Klepdeksel
CC = Colin & Cole

Heat 1: TH480 Ryan, CC66 Colin, PM47 Michal, PM616 Jam, RS27 Cap, TK212 Bokito, WC228 Splat, WC870 Looney
Heat 2: PM616 Jam, PM47 Jam, CC66 Colin, TK212 Bokito, TK380 Pennywise, RS606 Jon, WC228 Splat, WC870 Looney
Heat 3: RS27 Cap, CC911 Cole, PM47 Michal, CC66 Colin, TK380 Pennywise, WC228 Splat, WC870 Looney
Heat 4: TH515 Joshua, CC911 Cole, PM47 Michal, PM616 Jam, TK212 Bokito, RS606 Jon, RS27 Cap, WC870 Looney, CC66 Colin
Heat 5: CC911 Cole, PM616 Jam, TH515 Joshua, PM47 Michal, TK212 Bokito, RS606 Jon, RS27 Cap, CC66 Colin
Heat 6: TH515 Joshua, PM47 Michal, PM616 Jam, RS27 Cap, CC911 Cole, RS606 Jon

Final: CC911 Cole, RS27 Cap, TH480 Ryan, TK380 Pennywise, RS606 Jon, PM616 Jam, WC870 Looney, PM47 Michal

Allcomers 1: CC911 Cole, TK380 Pennywise, PM47 MIchal
Allcomers 2: PM47 Michal, PM616 Jam, RS870 Looney, CC911 Cole, TK212 Bokito
Allcomers 3: TK380 Pennywise, WC870 Looney, RS27 Cap, TK212 Bokito, PM616 Jam, WC228 Splat
Allcomers 4: PM616 Jam, PM47 Michal, TK380 Pennywise, WC870 Looney

DD: West Country Wreckers

1st: PiranMoto - 48 points
2nd: Colin & Cole - 42 points
3rd: The Hoods - 30 points
4th: Riot Squad - 29 points
5th: Team Klepdeksel - 18 points
6th: West Country Wreckers - 6 points

For possibly the first time ever in LFS Bangers history, all three Best Buds meetings were won by the same pairing: PiranMoto's Jam and Michal. They repeated their tactics from the previous Best Buds meetings where both recorded a points finish; this time, it was in 5 of the 7 races with Jam missing out on the points in Heat 3 and Michal not scoring in the final; rather surprisingly, they only won one of these races, that being the current European champion in Heat 2. They also picked up an Allcomers each. It was young Ulsterman Cole who largely carried Colin through to second place, with his 30 points the highest individual score on the night. 911 picked up a heat, final and Allcomers in a very impressive performance. Ryan and Joshua claimed one and two heats respectively but didn't really score anywhere else to end up third, Cap won a heat for Riot Squad who finished a single point behind the Hoods in fourth and Team Klepdeksel won an Allcomers but despite strong starts didn't capitalise in the points races. Having already given up well into the meeting, Splat claimed a compensatory DD win for the West Country Wreckers.

So, without further ado:


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