GB v Europe 2017 Head-to-Head Results

The tenth and third complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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GB v Europe 2017 Head-to-Head Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 10 Nov 2017, 11:15 pm

The second UK versus continent head-to-head saw just eight drivers attend the Autocross Arena Oval. Thankfully, it was an even split of 4 British drivers and 4 European drivers who competed in the fight. There were some poor shots tonight so please remember to keep your hits legal. The ramp allcomers were highly entertaining, with one race only having one finisher! :lol:

The teams were as follows:

27 Cap
606 Jon
616 Jam
786 Brett

47 Michal
66 Colin
474 Miniman
960 Pepino

All heats, the final and the DD were for points, and only the Top 10 counted. Points for each side after each race are listed after the race result. Three non-points allcomers were held.

Heat 1: Jam, Miniman, Colin, Michal, Jon, Brett - GB 21 - 24 EU
Heat 2: Jam, Cap, Pepino, Michal, Jon, Colin, Brett - GB 29 - 20 EU
Heat 3: Pepino, Miniman, Jon, Cap, Brett - GB 21 - 19 EU
Heat 4: Miniman, Jam, Brett, Pepino, Colin, Jon, Cap, Michal - GB 26 - 26 EU
Heat 5: Cap, Michal, Colin, Pepino, Brett, Jon - GB 21 - 24 EU
Heat 6: Jam, Colin, Michal, Pepino, Cap, Miniman, Jon - GB 20 - 29 EU

The scores after the heats were a tightly poised GB 138 - 142 EU so the final was really the decider.

Final: Miniman, Pepino, Jam, Cap, Colin, Jon, Michal, Brett - GB 46 - 58 EU

Allcomers 1 (MRT Ramps): Michal, Miniman, Pepino
Allcomers 2 (UFR/XFR Ramps): Brett, Miniman
Allcomers 3 (Unlim Ramps): Brett (no other finishers)

DD: GB - 10 points to GB


It was a tightly fought battle but by just six points, the continent came out on top. Europe claimed the first heat but Britain took an early lead, and were still ahead by the end of heat 5. But strong performances from the blue side in heat 6 and crucially the final saw them win before the DD. Jam, GB's main scorer with 55 points, claimed three heats, with Cap also picking one up. Pepino, Europe's and the meeting's top performer with 57 points, claimed a heat with Miniman winning the other heat and crucially the final with his German Bandicoot teammate in second. Michal won the first allcomers while Brett won the last three races straight, with 2 Allcomers and the DD.


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Re: GB v Europe 2017 Head-to-Head Results

Postby Cap#27 » Sat 11 Nov 2017, 9:54 am

i thought pepino raced for GB even had GB in his name and when i asked who he was racing for he said GB,would of had a few chances too take him out in other races not like i did accidently coz i thought he was racing for GB team

meeting should be rerun imo with teams equal or if a team does not have enough drivers then tough no changing of teams allowed both teams must also be in there team colours

also use both classes 2 litres and unlimiteds 4 heats each 2 finals 2 dd's

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