December 2017 Team Meeting Results

The tenth and third complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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December 2017 Team Meeting Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 01 Dec 2017, 11:50 pm

First of all, please let me explain what happened with tonight's proposed Krash Kings meeting.

In the run-up to the meeting, I noticed that the number of drivers who appeared to be attending would not be worthwhile for an all-DD meeting. Last year there were 16 drivers in 5 teams, with each team having at least 3 drivers. Tonight, only 1 team had 3 drivers, and I honestly did not see the point of running a meeting where some races would have only had 4 cars. I held a quick poll in the server to determine whether the drivers in attendance wanted Krash Kings or wanted a standard meeting instead. The latter was chosen.

Therefore, it was reverted to a standard team meeting with 9 drivers, including Scottish debutant 658 Ezza who teamed up with lone Team Bandicoot man Pepino. It was a rather hard-hitting meeting, with two-thirds of the field in XRGs, on the quick Hednesford layout which had some great racing mixed in as well.

The teams were as follows:

606 Jon
27 Cap

616 Jam
47 Michal

870 Looney
228 Splat
786 Brett

960 Pepino
658 Ezza

This meeting went down to the DD, where a surprise winner emerged...

Top 5 scored in heats and final. Allcomers were non-points. 5 points went to the winning pair in the DD.

RS = Riot Squad
PM = PiranMoto
WC = West Country Wreckers
PE = Pepino & Ezza

Heat 1: PM47 Michal, RS27 Cap, PE960 Pepino, WC786 Brett, RS606 Jon, PM616 Jam, PE658 Ezza, WC228, WC870 Looney
Heat 2: PM616 Jam, PE960 Pepino, PE658 Ezza, RS27 Cap, WC228 Splat, PM47 MIchal, WC786 Brett, WC870 Looney
Heat 3: PE960 Pepino, RS27 Cap, WC786 Brett, RS606 Jon, PM616 Jam. PE658 Ezza, PM47 Michal, WC870 Looney, WC228 Splat
Heat 4: PE960 Pepino, RS606 Jon, WC786 Brett, PE658 Ezza, RS27 Cap, WC228 Splat, PM47 Michal, WC870 Looney
Heat 5: PE960 Pepino, WC786 Brett, RS27 Cap, PE658 Ezza, RS606 Jon, WC228 Splat, PM47 Michal, PM616 Jam, WC870 Looney
Heat 6: WC786 Brett, RS27 Cap, PE960 Pepino, RS606 Jon, PE658 Ezza, WC870 Looney, PM47 Michal, WC228 Splat

Final: WC786 Brett, RS27 Cap, PE960 Pepino, PM616 Jam, PM47 Michal, RS606 Jon, PE658 Ezza, WC870 Looney

Allcomers 1: PM47 Michal, RS27 Cap, RS606 Jon, PM616 Jam, PE960 Pepino, WC228 Splat, WC786 Brett
Allcomers 2: RS27 Cap, WC786 Brett, PM616 Jam, PE658 Ezza, PM47 Jam, WC870 Looney, WC228 Splat, PE960 Pepino

DD: West Country Wreckers

1st: Pepino & Ezza - 39 points
2nd: Riot Squad - 36 points
3rd: West Country Wreckers - 33 points
4th: PiranMoto - 17 points

A surprise pairing came out on top as vastly experienced Pepino and complete novice Ezza topped the table by just THREE POINTS ahead of Riot Squad in second, who themselves were just 3 ahead of the West Country Wreckers in third. The key spell for the German driver, who was top scorer on the night with 31 points, came in heats 3 to 5 where he won the lot and had point-scoring support from his Scottish teammate in two of the heats. Riot Squad had 4 second places but couldn't claim a win until the second Allcomers through Cap, while Brett picked up 27 of his team's points including a heat and crucial final win, alongside their specialist race of the DD. Surprisingly PiranMoto finished bottom, possibly due to their relative inexperience using the XRG in a banger environment. Nevertheless, they claimed three wins in total: a heat each for Michal and Jam, with the Czech driver also claiming the first Allcomers.

So, without further ado:


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Re: December 2017 Team Meeting Results

Postby ScoEzza » Sat 02 Dec 2017, 8:08 pm

Very proud of this! Hope to get into more meetings and try join a team!

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