Heavy Metal Classic 2018 Results

The eleventh and fourth complete season under the running of Jon#606.
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Heavy Metal Classic 2018 Results

Postby Jon#606 » Fri 05 Jan 2018, 10:52 pm

The eleventh season of LFS Bangers kicked off in some style with an excellent turnout of SIXTEEN drivers at Standlake for the 2018 Heavy Metal Classic. In the field we had two league debutants in Latvian 005 Stealy and Englishman 283 MC, both completely new to bangers but had a great attitude towards the racing; the latter was particularly impressive with his highest finish being second in Unlims Heat 2 as well as a string of top 5 finishes and went deep in all three DDs! There were some minor scuffles but nothing that required any admin intervention, with brilliant racing and big hitting both on display.

Despite the location of the track being in the heart of Oxfordshire, it was a night for those across the waters as all but two mainland drivers claimed wins. Northern Irishman Joshua was the winner of the meeting thanks to a heat in all three formulas as well as a tied Unlims DD victory with Germany's Pepino. Pepino also managed to claim the Micros DD alongside Team Bandicoot teammate Rik, who also survived in the 2 Litres DD as well as taking an Unlims heat and the 2 Litres final. Rik's fellow Netherlander Miniman also survived the 2 Litres DD as well as picking up the second Micros heat. Joshua's fellow Ulsterman Cole won a 2 Litres heat and the Micros final, with the sole English victors being Cap in the big Unlims final and Brett in the 3-way tie for the 2 Litres DD.

All races were non-points.

Micros Heat 1: Joshua, Cap, Jam, Rik, Michal, Jon, Cole, Brett, Pepino, Splat, MC.
Micros Heat 2: Miniman, Cole, Jam, Rik, Michal, MC, Joshua, Cap, Pepino, Tilson, Brett, Jon, Stealy, Colin.

2 Litres Heat 1: Cole, Michal, Cap, Stealy, MC, Pepino, Colin, Joshua, Jon, Brett, Miniman, Rik.
2 Litres Heat 2: Joshua, Michal, Rik, Jam, MC, Matthew, Cap, Colin, Cole, Brett, Stealy, Pepino.

Unlims Heat 1: Joshua, Rik, MC, Jam, Brett, Jon, Cap, Michal, Miniman, Pepino, Cole.
Unlims Heat 2: Rik, MC, Cole, Joshua, Cap, Jam, Brett, Pepino, Stealy.

Micros Final: Cole, Miniman, Joshua, Pepino, Cap, Jam, Matthew, Brett.
2 Litres Final: Rik, Jam, Michal, Joshua, Cap, Miniman, MC, Brett, Jon, Cole.
Unlims Final: Cap, Tilson, MC, Stealy, Joshua, Pepino.

Micros DD: Declared after 10 minutes - Pepino & Rik joint winners.

2 Litres DD: Declared after 10 minutes - Miniman, Brett & Rik joint winners.

Unlims DD: Declared after 10 minutes - Joshua & Pepino joint winners.

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